Microsoft Teams Rooms

A hybrid meeting space that combines physical and virtual experiences to meet the needs of today’s hybrid workforce, designed and delivered by a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work.

Meeting spaces for a hybrid world

Hybrid and remote working have created a need for a new kind of collaboration and meeting environment – one that welcomes physical and virtual attendees equally, and enhances collaboration, communication and presentation experiences, ensuring seamless interactions between all participants, wherever they are.

Microsoft Teams Rooms provides such an environment, with a combination of unified communications and collaboration software and a flexible package of AV hardware such as inclusive video layouts, wireless content sharing, intelligent audio and video solutions, speakers, companion devices, collaborative whiteboarding and intelligent content capture. Teams Room hardware can be deployed on-site in any meeting room or other environment, with a wide selection of devices and features available to fit every need.

Experience and expertise

ARO is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, and one of the UK’s leading suppliers of meeting room solutions and AV technology. We create an environment where everyone feels included and represented, with reimagined furniture layout and room configuration that can easily scale up or down to meet specific collaboration purposes.

We provide Microsoft Solutions to over 500 companies across a range of industries, with national support delivered from 10 offices around the UK. As an AV solutions specialist with over 25 years experience, we partner with leading hardware partners including Dell, Jabra, Poly, Lenovo, Crestron, Logitech, Yealink and Clevertouch to supply certified Teams devices.

Enable inclusive and interactive team meetings for everyone, regardless of where they are, with a truly hybrid meeting platform. At ARO, we combine Microsoft’s market-leading Teams software with our experience in delivering high-quality, reliable and professional AV technology solutions.​

Our technical expertise

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a collaboration solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams. It is designed to enhance the meeting experience by combining audio, video, and content sharing capabilities within dedicated meeting spaces.

The main difference lies in the integration and optimisation for Microsoft Teams. While a normal meeting room may have standard audio-visual equipment, Microsoft Teams Rooms is specifically designed for the features of Microsoft Teams. It includes purpose-built hardware, such as cameras and microphones optimised for Teams meetings, and a user-friendly interface on touch-enabled displays for easy navigation within the Teams environment.

Microsoft Teams Rooms seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams for a unified communication and collaboration experience. It simplifies the meeting experience by integrating with Outlook for easy scheduling and management and through a one-touch join functionality. Access to Microsoft Teams’ collaboration tools, file sharing, and whiteboarding during meetings also enhance the meeting experience.

Microsoft Teams Rooms can be deployed in various meeting spaces, including huddle rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, and collaborative workspaces. The suitability depends on the specific needs and size of the meeting space. However, Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to be flexible and scalable, offering solutions for different room sizes and purposes.

A Microsoft Teams Rooms license is needed to fully utilise the capabilities of the solution. Licensing details may vary, but usually involves a combination of Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licenses, as well as specific licenses for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.

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