When uninterrupted access to data and devices are mission-critical to your operations, ARO optimises, protects, and maintains your network connectivity.

When optimal performance of your network is crucial to your operations and the productivity of your workforce, we mitigate the risk of downtime and ensure your business continuity. This is why 4,500 online retailers, banks, blue light services, and businesses rely on ARO to maintain safe and secure connectivity. Continuously.

Giving your people access to top of the range devices, the latest collaboration tools and productivity apps – is only part of your digital transformation journey. Achieving peak performance from these technologies relies on seamless, fast and reliable data access and exchange – even when accessing company resources remotely. We help businesses build the connectivity infrastructure to support all the platforms and systems today’s workplaces rely on.

ARO offers a range of connectivity options and solutions – from centralised network management and optimised traffic flow to application prioritisation and flexible scalability. And as an ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited provider, you can also count on us for secure and encrypted connections that prioritise the protection of sensitive information. 

  • Full fibre broadband connectivity. When it comes to connectivity solutions, for us, high-speed, reliable, and low-latency broadband is the baseline.
  • Custom-built SD-WAN architecture. Designed by ARO engineers to route data safely, securely, and efficiently across various connections.
  • Leased Lines. Fast high performing connectivity, ideal for businesses looking for dedicated scalable connectivity.
  • Made for multi-cloud. Using cloud on-ramp orchestration for interconnectivity across hybrid, public and private environments enables connectivity to evolve with your business.
  • Machine learning-powered analysis. We integrate the ability to view performance across LAN, WAN and application servers in minutes.

With seamless connectivity, we empower businesses to optimise the performance of their digital technology and collaboration platforms. By using connectivity technologies smartly, we see our clients enhance productivity, customer experience and innovation.

Why us?


24-hour support

Our locally staffed Network Operations Centre (NOC) is on-call to assist with troubleshooting your connectivity challenges.


Solutions infused with experience

With clients ranging from blue light services to banks and online retailers, we understand what being continuously and reliably connected means to a business.


Partnerships with industry-leading connectivity providers

This includes Gamma, Vodafone and CityFibre’s Full Fibre Services, as well as SD-WAN plans from Fortinet, Barracuda, and Cisco Meraki.

Impact where it matters

More bandwidth for growth

An 80% increase in bandwidth efficiency means improving connectivity standards gives businesses more agility and scalability to grow. 

Enhanced network performance

An 83% improvement in network performance, means better traffic flow, reduced network downtime and consistent connectivity.

Cost effective internet connectivity

70% of SD-WAN adopters see an average 70% ROI in three years and 100% SD-WAN ROI in five years.

ARO is a Gamma Platinum Partner

Full fibre broadband connectivity, also known as fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), involves the use of optical fiber cables to directly connect homes, businesses, or premises to the internet service provider’s network.

Full fibre provides high-speed, low-latency, and reliable internet access. It offers significantly faster and more consistent speeds compared to traditional broadband technologies.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a more flexible type of WAN architecture that uses multiple hardware platforms and connectivity options. It allows for dynamic, automated control over the distribution of network traffic, enabling efficient and secure communication between different locations, data centers, and cloud services. ARO can provide custom-built SD-WAN architecture, designed by our engineers to route data safely, securely, and efficiently across various connections.

A leased line is a dedicated, private, and symmetric data connection between two points, typically used for internet access or connecting geographically dispersed offices. Unlike traditional broadband connections, leased lines offer consistent and symmetrical upload and download speeds, along with guaranteed bandwidth.

Various connectivity options and solutions are available to meet diverse business needs. These include broadband (DSL, cable, and fiber), leased lines, virtual private networks (VPNs), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, satellite connections, cellular networks (4G/5G), and emerging technologies like SD-WAN. Each option has its own benefits and is suitable for specific use cases, depending on factors such as speed requirements, reliability, geographic location, and budget considerations.

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