Power Apps

ARO’s accredited solutions architects have decades of experience delivering business applications. Now, they can help your users to rapidly build and share their own low-code apps, to cut app building and development costs and accelerate productivity gains with business process automation and enhanced data integration.

Harnessing user experience

With the demand for digital innovation growing at pace, it’s getting harder for IT departments to meet the demand for new applications. Low-code development using Microsoft

Power Apps offers a solution, empowering non-technical staff to rapidly build custom mobile apps and web apps to enhance workflow automation and streamline data integration quickly and cost-efficiently.

Power Apps gives everyone the power to build the apps they need via a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, with advanced functionality previously only available to professional developers, including API connectivity, pre-built components and AI-assisted natural language development.

Collaboration at the core

ARO’s Highly skilled and qualified architects are accredited in four of the six Microsoft Solutions Partner designations, and we invest constantly in maintaining and updating their skills in the latest technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem.

We deliver Power Apps services by closely collaborating with users and in-house developers to understand specific business needs. Our architects empower your team to start building and launching apps right away using AI assistance, prebuilt templates, drag-and-drop simplicity and rapid deployment tools to automate business processes and improve data access. Our expertise in integration and deployment ensures seamless implementation, empowering organisations to enhance productivity and adapt swiftly to changing business requirements. 

With Power Apps, ARO puts you in control by enabling non-technical users to design and maintain apps tailored precisely to your business needs. By unleashing users’ business expertise, we can empower people across the business with data-led decision-making and insight-driven strategy formulation. 

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