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Take control of energy consumption across your business, with 360° visibility and powerful energy data management tools to cut costs, increase efficiency and accelerate towards your sustainability goals.

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With energy costs rising and emissions high on everyone’s agenda, it’s time to take a proactive approach to energy management. ARO’s POD energy software provides a central online energy database and powerful tools to optimise consumption and minimise cost and emissions across all commercial sites, however large or complex your estate.​

Unique Energy Management Tools

POD’s Net Zero functionality is built on Award Winning foundations. Over 8 years we have optimised POD to be a multi-purpose energy management tool that can save users up to 95% of their time previously spent on energy admin. POD provides ‘real time’ energy consumption reporting, by meter, energy management tools such as meter reading input and is a central depository for all energy management documentation including automatic uploading of your bills.

How do we do this?

  • ‘Live’ Consumption Reports
  • Bills, Contracts, Reports
  • Usage Alerts
  • Meter Readings
  • Multi-Sites and Meters Management
  • User Control and Regional Access
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Making Energy Simple

  • Coping with energy management complexity is a full-time job – made even harder without the right tools.
  • POD is your all-in-one business energy solution. A validation tool, document library for bills, contracts and rates, real-time energy usage reporting, and an energy budgeting tool.
  • Save up to 90% of the time you currently spend on managing your utilities.
  • Designed to solve enterprise-level complexity, POD helps you organise and report on all aspects of your energy consumption and management. No matter how complicated your business.
  • View and analyse all your meter data through detailed consumption reports that can drill down to 30-minute segments
  • Detect and eliminate energy waste and gain a detailed and broad picture of where, how much and when your organisation is using energy – across all utilities

Your complete energy management documentation automatically stored in one place, ready to use whenever you need it.

POD can help you to avoid unexpected consumption and bills with easy to set usage alerts. Should your consumption for a specific meter step outside of boundaries that you set, POD will alert and encourage you to investigate.

Avoid the need to engage with suppliers or having to book meter reading appointments. If you have a large estate of meters, it’s likely that you will have some that need to be read manually. POD gives you the opportunity to input those readings, which are then automatically routed to the correct supplier

POD recognises the complexity of multi-site operations and allows you to easily group meters and information together into sites for each reporting need.

Your admin user for POD will be able to replicate your organisational structure into the platform, so you can give access to specific staff to view reporting on their regional areas of responsibility.

  • Option to roll POD out to as many employees as you need
  • Target individual site managers and provide them with data specific to their roles and facilities

Energy management software is a digital tool designed to monitor, analyse, and optimise energy consumption within an organisation or facility. It assists in tracking energy data, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to save costs and reduce environmental impact.

This depends on the scale and complexity of your energy consumption. If you have substantial energy usage, multiple sources, and a desire to improve efficiency, energy management software may be beneficial. Small-scale users may find simpler tools effective, while larger enterprises often benefit significantly from comprehensive energy management software.

POD is an energy management portal that provides a central online energy database to analyse and optimise consumption and reduce expenditure, however large or complex your estate.

The purpose of pod is to minimise cost and emissions across all commercial sites. To do this, POD provides live’ consumption reports, usage alerts, meter readings, multi-sites and meters management, user control and regional access, and more.

Carbon reporting involves the measurement, quantification, and disclosure of an organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon reporting is often used to assess an organisation’s environmental impact, help it comply with regulations, and demonstrate their efforts to manage and reduce their carbon footprint.

POD Energy Management Software

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When you know exactly what your energy consumption patterns are, and you have tools to optimise usage, minimise waste and eliminate overpayment, you have a roadmap for energy efficiency and a platform for long-term sustainable resilience.

Are you on a mission to optimise your energy consumption and simplify your energy management?

POD has a feature set for you.

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