POD Energy Management Software

Take control of energy consumption across your business, with 360° visibility and powerful energy data management tools to cut costs, increase efficiency and accelerate towards your sustainability goals.

With energy costs rising and emissions high on everyone’s agenda, it’s time to take a proactive approach to energy management. ARO’s POD energy software provides a central online energy database and powerful tools to optimise consumption and minimise cost and emissions across all commercial sites, however large or complex your estate.

Fuelling Efficiency

Energy efficiency has always been sound business practice. Now it’s also a matter of legal compliance and brand reputation. But manual energy consumption tracking and management can be a challenge, especially across multiple locations with varying energy consumption patterns.

Take Control

POD is a powerful energy management software that helps mitigate energy-related risks and reduce costs by identifying inefficiencies, implementing energy-saving measures and optimising resource allocation.

This complete software solution combines functions across all commercial energy needs, including:

  • Consumption data. POD gives you full access to energy data, with consumption automatically collected from energy meters and data sensors across all sites. 
  • Supplier documentation. POD imports necessary documentation, contracts and invoices from energy suppliers. 
  • Monitoring and alerts. POD is customised to reflect your energy hierarchy, organisational structure and specific energy metrics for accurate monitoring and analysis. It even includes an alert function to highlight consumption that’s abnormally high or low. 
  • Carbon reporting. POD features a real-time carbon reporting tool based on consumption and usage, ready for users to share with stakeholders. It acts as a blueprint for taking steps towards a sustainable future. 

When you know exactly what your energy consumption patterns are, and you have tools to optimise usage, minimise waste and eliminate overpayment, you have a roadmap for energy efficiency and a platform for long-term sustainable resilience.”

Our technical expertise

Energy Management Software. Only better.


Best in class

Multiple award-winning, including two Industry Awards for Innovation.


Purpose built

Single source of carbon reporting for Net Zero and government legislation submissions.



Easily rolled out to employees to provide tailored functionality based on individual roles and permissions.

Impact where it matters

Cut costs

Identify inefficiencies, implement energy-saving measures, and optimise resource allocation.

Plan ahead

Detailed forecasting functionality enables consumption and budget planning, smoothing cash flow by preventing unexpected spikes in energy bills.

Reduce risk

Energy monitoring software enables early detection of anomalies to mitigate cost and supply risks ensuring stable operations.

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