POD Net Zero Software

Accelerate your journey to Net Zero with a powerful software that provides real-time visibility and control of energy use and emissions across your business estate.

With multiplying financial and regulatory incentives to transition to Net Zero, the most pressing question today is not ‘if’ or ‘when’ but ‘how’. Our POD​ offers a valuable first step, allowing you to track and manage energy consumption and emissions across your business to inform a strategic, data-driven Net Zero roadmap.

Data into insight

To achieve ambitious sustainability targets, you need tight control of energy consumption and carbon emissions. And you can only control them if you know what they are.

POD gives you complete visibility into energy consumption and carbon emissions data – in real-time and granular detail – however large or complex your estate.

POD collects data from energy meters and data sensors across all of your commercial sites and stores it together with documentation, contracts and invoices from all of your energy suppliers.

Turn insight into action

Powerful analytics enable you to track energy consumption patterns, identify abnormalities and waste and model out proposed changes to identify cost-effective emissions reduction opportunities and optimise your sustainability efforts.

Easily configured to reflect your business energy hierarchy, organisational structure, and specific energy metrics, POD produces fully customisable reports to help decision makers, regulators and other users achieve a range of important business outcomes, including:

  • Reduce compliance risk. Enables a robust, scalable compliance posture to minimise risk of fines and legal action as regulations become stricter and penalties more stringent.
  • Facilitate certification. Designed to support energy efficiency and sustainability criteria and submissions.
  • Diversify energy sourcing. Integrate, monitor, and optimise multiple energy sources.

Reducing carbon emissions is fast becoming non-negotiable. How you achieve it, and how quickly, is a choice with consequences. Embracing Net Zero now – and transparently communicating your progress – will boost your brand among today’s environment-conscious customers and investors.”

Our technical expertise

Net Zero Software. Only better.


Best in class

Multiple award-winning, including two Industry Awards for Innovation.


Purpose built

Native reporting capabilities for Net Zero and government legislation metrics.



Easily rolled out to employees to encourage positive engagement and behaviour change.

Impact where it matters

Increase efficiency

Identify and mitigate waste and inefficiencies in energy consumption and carbon emissions.  

Build resilience

Enhance supply chain resilience and reduce your exposure to climate-related risks.

Lead the way

Position your business as a responsible and sustainable leader in your industry.

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