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POD’s advanced Net Zero functionality allows you to target, monitor, and seamlessly track your Net Zero goals and reducing carbon footprint. 

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With multiplying financial and regulatory incentives to transition to Net Zero, the most pressing question today is not ‘if’ or ‘when’ but ‘how’. POD​ offers a valuable first step, allowing you to track and manage energy consumption and emissions across your business to inform a strategic, data-driven Net Zero roadmap.​

Data Insight

To achieve ambitious sustainability targets, you need tight control of energy consumption and carbon emissions. And you can only control them if you know what they are.

POD gives you complete visibility into energy consumption and carbon emissions data – in real-time and granular detail – however large or complex your estate

How do we do this?

  • ‘Real Time’ Carbon Emission Reporting
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 tracking
  • Net Zero Target Setting
  • Net Zero by Site
  • Carbon Emissions Download

POD collects carbon data from energy meters and data sensors across all commercial sites and stores. It is also linked to airline, hotel and vehicle databases which make it easier for you to record the other carbon scopes:

  • Carbon Reporting available at site, region or total levels
  • Reports highlight the largest carbon challenges within your organisation

POD is configurable to be a central repository for all your other carbon recording and data is displayed showing the largest contributors towards your carbon emissions and can also be downloaded categorised into Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Targets can be set over any period that is matching your sustainability goals

  • Options to set targets at site or element level
  • Reports show progress vs targets over time and are automatically updated monthly

For targets to be actionable they need granularity and ownership

  • POD allows targets to be set down to site level
  • Opportunity to set timescales and details relevant for your Net-Zero plan to be successful

POD stores all carbon data in easily accessible databases, so you have the data you need for government submissions or management reporting at your fingertips.

Net-zero is when balance is achieved between the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and the amount removed. In practical terms, it involves reducing and offsetting emissions to the extent that the overall impact on the environment is neutral.

Carbon emissions can be reduced using energy-efficient practices, renewable energy sources, promoting sustainable transportation, and improving waste management. Additionally, individuals and organisations can engage in carbon offset initiatives and prioritise sustainable choices in daily activities and operations.

POD is a multi-purpose energy management tool that provides real-time energy consumption reporting and energy management tools such as meter reading input. It’s also a central depository for all energy management documentation.

With its advanced Net Zero functionality, POD allows you to target, monitor, and track your energy consumption and emissions across your organisation. The collected data helps to inform a strategic, data-driven Net Zero roadmap to reduce your carbon footprint.

POD offers live consumption reports, usage alerts, multi-sites and meter management, along with user control and regional access.

POD Net-Zero Software

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Embracing Carbon reduction brings positives both for the environment and your bottom line. Developing a Carbon Reduction plan is a vital starting point and ongoing automated, real-time measurement and reporting is key to focus and progress.

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