ARO’s award winning energy portal, POD, redefines how businesses monitor and manage their carbon footprint. The software offers real-time visibility into energy consumption, providing invaluable insights to drive sustainable decisions.​

POD has been a developing story since 2015 with our original quest to build a platform that provided real-time consumption tracking and centralised energy management. It has now become a cutting-edge portal that includes real-time carbon reporting and target setting capabilities, enabling businesses to meticulously monitor their progress towards achieving net-zero emissions. Experience a seamless and comprehensive approach to managing your environmental impact with POD today.

Empower your organization with ARO’s award-winning POD software, delivering precise Consumption Reporting and comprehensive Energy Management solutions. Gain real-time insights into your energy usage, allowing you to identify opportunities for optimisation and drive significant cost savings.

Elevate your sustainability journey with the advanced Net Zero functionality in ARO’s POD software. Set, monitor, and achieve your Net Zero targets while seamlessly tracking and reporting your carbon footprint, ensuring your organisation’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

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