Total Account Management

With complete visibility into energy consumption and complete control of energy use, you can minimise costs, eliminate waste and optimise performance.

Our Total Account Management service ensures transparency, accuracy and efficiency in reporting and managing your energy costs. With real-time data visibility in granular detail, across your estate, you can make informed strategic decisions to cut costs while maximising business performance and sustainability efforts.

Managing complexity

Managing a complex energy portfolio comes with unique challenges, exacerbated by fluctuating prices and high costs, irregular consumption patterns and disparate, intricate billing structures.
Our Total Account Management service addresses these challenges, providing a robust, scalable platform for monitoring energy consumption across your estate, right down to individual input level.

Insight and expertise

Our award-winning Energy Management portal, POD, empowers customers by providing a single, easily accessible repository for all consumption data, energy contracts, documents, reports, and customisable alerts, along with tools for analysing and optimising consumption and expenditure.

This is backed up by our award-winning team of energy consultants, who bring a wealth of experience to the task of eliminating waste, reducing costs and optimising energy-related processes to enhance sustainability.

Our streamlined management approach delivers tangible benefits, including:

  • Real-time visibility. With our online Energy Management portal, POD, we offer access to consumption data in real time, on all sites and meters, giving you full visibility and control.
  • Benchmarks and targets. We analyse data captured from energy bills, meters and other sources to establish an accurate baseline of energy usage then track against agreed targets.
  • Bill validation. We review utility bills for accuracy, reconciling them with validated usage data, identifying discrepancies, and rectifying billing errors to ensure you are not overcharged.
  • On-going management. We provide regular energy usage and cost reports to track consumption against expected patterns and comparable benchmarks. Exception alerts help you manage under- and over-usage effectively and identify areas for improvement.

Our award-winning support and guidance will empower you to optimise energy usage and positively impact your bottom line. Our service is proven to reduce costs, free up staff time and cost-effectively meet legal compliance and ESG targets.”

Our technical expertise

Total Account Management. Only better.


Proven solution

We’ve delivered efficiency and cost savings on tens of thousands of meters for industrial and commercial-sized customers.


Robust technology

Our award-winning POD energy management platform gives you complete visibility and control of consumption and expenditure.


Expert service

Our team of experts has twice won ‘Energy Buying Team of the Year’ for exceptional procurement services.

Impact where it matters

Tailored energy procurement solutions


Maximise efficiency and minimise cost with data-driven energy optimisation.


Save up to 90% of energy management time to focus staff on value creation.


Stay compliant with complex and changing energy regulations and meet ESG goals.

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