Energy Procurement and Tenders

Our dedicated energy market experts know how to navigate the energy procurement process, delivering an energy procurement strategy specifically tailored to your commercial and sustainability goals.

Now’s the time to find a company that specialises in energy procurement to meet the challenges of today’s energy market. We offer strategic insight and expert guidance in all aspects of energy acquisition, delivering an energy procurement strategy that reduces costs, mitigates supply risks, and identifies new sources of renewable energy.

Challenging times

Energy purchasing is a challenging task, made more so by recent market instability, price fluctuations, evolving technologies and regulatory change. Seasonal variations in energy demand, infrastructure development projects and a shift towards renewable energy add yet more complexity, demanding bespoke, practical energy procurement solutions for your business.

Meet the challenge

We can provide invaluable support in navigating these complexities, delivering strategic insights and expert guidance to help optimise your energy buying efforts.

We carry out comprehensive and detailed analysis of current and projected consumption patterns to identify waste, overcharging and inefficiencies. Based on the data, we develop a detailed plan for optimal energy sourcing to maximise efficiencies, minimise carbon emissions and support your compliance posture. We run independent tender requests on your behalf to secure value and supply.

Our extensive industry network enables us to identify new sources of renewables to support your sustainability targets; and we monitor the market up to 4 years in advance to keep our flexible customers informed of outlook trends and their likely impacts.

  • Tailored procurement strategies. We analyse your current consumption patterns and future development plans to produce individual fixed and flexible plans.
  • Enhanced budget predictability. In a continually changing landscape, we keep you up-to-date and informed to avoid price or supply shocks.
  • Risk mitigation. We monitor trends up to four years ahead to minimise downside risk and maximise innovation potential.
  • Green Energy Sourcing. Our focus on cost-effective renewables gives you a competitive edge in meeting sustainability goals.

An energy procurement strategy tailored to your business

  • Explore contracts most suited to your needs. Simple fixed periods to long-term flexible trading.
  • Long-term planning to reduce costs and boost value. Our consultants and energy traders will work with you to optimise your spend years in advance. After all, the worst time to commit to a new contract is just as your current one runs out.
  • Cross-industry expertise. We manage procurement for customers in most UK industries. These include manufacturers, managing agents, retailers, charities, leisure and hospitality, tram operators, hotels, and many more.

With burgeoning demand and unpredictable supply trends, the energy market is more complex and fast-moving than ever. We’ll act as your expert guide to ensure that your business energy needs are met in line with your financial, operational and ESG objectives.”

Our technical expertise

Energy Procurement. Only better.


The best team

Twice named ‘Energy Buying Team of the Year’ for our exceptional energy procurement services.


The right tech

Our POD energy management platform allows real-time monitoring and management of consumption and expenditure.


Tailored solutions

Our client-centric approach delivers a strategy for energy procurement management tailored specifically for your business. 

Impact where it matters


Our clients made over 50% savings on energy costs compared to market prices in 2022/23.


Clients forward-planning by one or more years are currently beating market prices by 38%.


We monitor the market 3 and 4 years in advance to keep clients informed of risks and opportunities.

Energy procurement is the process of sourcing and acquiring the necessary energy supplies for a business or organisation. ARO’s energy market experts know how to navigate the energy procurement process and can deliver an energy procurement strategy specific to your commercial and sustainability goals.

Energy procurement involves assessing energy needs, analysing market conditions, and negotiating contracts with energy suppliers. Organisations may use various procurement strategies, such as fixed-price contracts, variable pricing, or renewable energy agreements, to optimise cost and sustainability.

The UK is no longer directly bound by the EU procurement rules. However, as the UK has joined the GPA in its own right, it is bound to the minimum standards of the GPA.

Energy tendering is a competitive process where energy suppliers bid to provide services or supply energy to a buyer, often a business or government entity. This process helps buyers secure the best possible terms, including pricing and contractual conditions, for their energy needs.

A renewable energy tender is a specific type of procurement process focused on sourcing energy from renewable sources. In this process, organisations or governments invite bids from renewable energy providers to supply a certain amount of energy from sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

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