Energy Optimisation

From developing long-term strategy to ordering the most efficient lightbulbs, our energy optimisation solutions build best-practice energy management into your operational DNA.

Get the most output from the least input with energy optimisation techniques and strategies tailored to your business needs. We’ll help you to implement the technology upgrades, process improvements and behavioural changes to ensure you use the right mix of energy, in the most efficient way, right across your business.

With rising energy costs, unpredictable market conditions, growing environmental concerns and regulatory pressures, it’s more important than ever to find ways to optimise energy usage.

The Energy Challenge

More and more companies are looking at how to improve energy efficiency and recognising the value of optimisation programs. Besides keeping costs down and boosting competitiveness, energy optimisation benefits include improved ability to demonstrate proactive legal compliance and a wider commitment to sustainability.

The Energy Opportunity

Energy efficiency offers the greatest opportunity for reducing carbon emissions at the lowest cost. But our energy optimisation strategies go further. We design a strategic energy performance plan to achieve your business goals within a framework of anticipated regulatory tightening, changing consumer behaviour and increased availability of renewable energy.

The Energy Experts

We partner with your teams to gain visibility and control of consumption, optimise energy performance and start moving towards a sustainable, self-reliant renewable energy future. Our proven energy optimisation measures include:

  • Energy audit. We record and analyse current energy consumption patterns against EPC and DEC standards across your estate, with energy audits carried out to BS EN 16247-2 standard.
  • Data-driven actions. Our POD platform gathers real time data from meters and sensors and stores it along with historical data in a central online repository so you can quickly identify where inefficiencies are costing you time, money and security.
  • Revenue recovery. With consumption data stored centrally alongside contracts and invoices from energy suppliers, you can automatically verify utility bills to spot discrepancies and eliminate overpayments.
  • Demand-side response. We help re-engineer your operating processes to prioritise energy conservation and identify energy market incentives and opportunities to reduce overall energy costs with minimal investment or risk.
  • Self-generation. With rapid developments in energy-efficient technologies and energy optimisation trends, we can provide expert advice and support in the planning, delivery and management of self-generation and storage projects for long-term energy savings, resilience and security. 

Delivered by our experts leveraging a suite of proven energy optimisation tools, our program aims to gain you recognition as a leader in sustainability within your sector – with all the competitive advantages that entails.”

Our technical expertise

Energy Optimisation. Only better.


The best tech

Our award-winning POD platform uses real-time data insights to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for energy management improvement.


The best people

With decades of collective experience in the global energy marketplace, our team offers a long-term strategic partnership with unparallelled expertise.


Tailored to your needs

We take the time to understand your business and develop bespoke systems and solutions tailored to your operational processes and goals.

Impact where it matters

Cut costs

Substantial cost reductions through improved operational efficiency, revenue recovery and reduced overall energy costs.

Improve ESG

Enhanced sustainability and environmental practices, reducing compliance risks and enhancing reputational value.

Build resilience

Increased resilience through responsive procurement processes and a practical plan for independent generation.

Energy optimisation is the process of improving energy use to enhance efficiency and reduce waste.

Energy optimisation can significantly reduce costs through reduced energy consumption, minimise environmental impact with decreased emissions, improved operational efficiency, and positively contribute towards sustainability goals.

Energy efficiency refers to the use of less energy to perform a specific task or achieve a desired outcome. It involves minimising energy waste and maximising the output in a given system or process. On the other hand, energy optimisation is all about overall energy performance. It involves analysing and fine-tuning various factors, such as system design, operation, and maintenance, to achieve the best possible balance between energy consumption and desired outcomes.

Energy use can be reduced and optimised by implementing energy-efficient technologies such as heat pumps, conducting regular energy audits, improving insulation, using energy-efficient appliances, adopting smart building management systems, and promoting energy-conscious behavior among employees.

Various tools and technologies aid in energy optimisation, including energy management software such as ARO’s POD, smart sensors, building automation systems, demand response systems, and energy analytics platforms. These tools provide real-time data, insights, and control to help optimise energy use in different settings.

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