Energy Compliance

With the right strategy, a robust technology platform and an experienced partner, energy compliance can be turned from a burden into an opportunity.

Energy compliance regulations and requirements offer incentives as well as penalties. By designing energy efficiency and sound energy management into your operating model, ARO can minimise risk and build resilience and brand value for the long term.

The Compliance Burden

Energy efficiency and emissions reduction are important goals. But for many businesses they’ve become an administrative burden, thanks to the growing scale and complexity of government regulation.

Complex, distributed operating environments pose a particular challenge. And while there are incentives for compliance, the increasing costs of fines, litigation and reputational damage present serious downside risks.

Sharing the Load

ARO’s Energy Compliance service takes this administrative burden off your hands, ensuring your business is up to date and fully compliant with evolving regulations, while you focus your resources on achieving your strategic goals.

We provide comprehensive technical and administrative support to keep you compliant with all energy-related regulations applicable to your business, enabling you to mitigate risks, avoid fines and safeguard your reputation as a responsible and sustainable business.

Our structured approach includes:

  • Initial energy audit. We analyse current energy usage and emissions patterns, including ESOS and SECR compliance requirements.
  • Program delivery. We design and implement tailored energy saving measures to optimise consumption, minimise cost and waste and meet all current (and likely future) energy regulations.
  • Centralised reporting. We future-proof the solution by enabling comprehensive energy reporting. Our POD platform provides real time consumption and carbon reporting with templated outputs for compliance submissions.
  • On-going management. We offer ongoing monitoring and reporting support, including accreditations for ISO5001, MEES, CCA (Climate Change Agreement) and help with TCFD-aligned disclosures and reporting. 

We help you navigate the complex, ever-changing landscape of energy regulation to minimise legal and financial risks, build competitive resilience and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable leadership.”

Our technical expertise

Energy Compliance. Only better.


Bespoke solutions

We take the time to fully understand your business, and design a compliance strategy tailored to your operational processes and goals.


Purpose-built software

Our award-winning POD platform uses real-time energy consumption and emissions data to identify risks and opportunities for improvement. 


Energy expertise

We offer long term partnership, with a team of experienced energy market experts to keep you ahead of the technical and regulatory curve.

Impact where it matters

Minimse risk

Avoid costly fines and legal challenges by maintaining compliance with energy regulations.

Build resilience

Leverage compliance efforts to increase overall energy efficiency and productivity.

Maximise opportunity

Capitalize on compliance incentives and ESG opportunities to build brand value.

Energy compliance involves adhering to regulations related to energy use and environmental impact. There are many different levels of energy compliance depending on business type and size. For example, if you are a large company you will need to do the Energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS) whereas if you are a public building, you will need a valid display energy certificate (DEC). This makes sure that organisations meet the necessary criteria, such as energy efficiency and reporting obligations, set by local or national authorities.

An energy compliance service helps businesses to fulfill their energy-related legal obligations. This includes providing information on energy legislation, conducting audits, preparing reports, and implementing measures to meet compliance requirements efficiently.

The Energy Act 2023 looks at the UK’s approach to energy use and efficiency and aims to deliver on a number of environmental commitments made by the government in recent years.

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is a mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme in the UK which requires large enterprises to carry out energy audits every four years. ARO can analyse your current energy usage and emissions patterns, including ESOS compliance requirements to identify energy-saving opportunities.

SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) is a UK government initiative that means organisations must disclose their energy use, carbon emissions, and energy efficiency actions in their annual reports. It aims to encourage transparency and drive energy efficiency improvements.

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