Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE)

With ARO’s fully managed Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE), research teams can collaborate and share sensitive data within a fully compliant and secure data environment.

ARO is one of the only technology providers in the UK accredited by health data custodians to deliver a fully compliant TRE platform. Our solution enables researchers to store, analyse and share sensitive health data within the stringent security and data protection standards demanded by research institutions, regulators and the public.

The data dilemma

Research teams working in health and life sciences need to share and analyse highly sensitive data seamlessly, with absolute confidence that their networks and servers are robust, secure and fully compliant.
But building trustworthy research environments from scratch and running them in compliance with institutional policy and regulatory standards diverts valuable budget, time and resource away from the central purpose of the work.

A safe solution

To solve this problem, ARO has designed and built a secure cloud platform based on the principles and best practices for trustworthy research environment. Our solution provides safe storage and secure access to research data within an accredited and approved UK datacentre facility, allowing connectivity to data sources on HSCN, across the internet, or directly.

Delivered by experts with over 60 years’ collective experience, our solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of health and life science researchers, configured in line with all relevant UK information governance and data security standards and rigorously tested to ensure full regulatory compliance.

ARO is one of a small handful of providers with the skills and experience required to deliver this service to the necessary standards. We understand the time, resource and budget constraints that researchers typically have to work within, and have designed our service to address these with a range of benefits, including:

  • Speed to implement. Users can be up and running in under 12 weeks and project managers can plan with confidence and reduce lead times.
  • Fixed budget framework. Costs can be accurately predicted, with cloud-flex capability to support short term spikes or longer term structural program changes.
  • Fully managed service. We handle everything, including hardware provisioning, operating system, application layer, accreditation and compliance, user access and management, and help desk support.
  • Expert help. Our standards and methodology for deploying and managing health research infrastructure have helped shape national standards such as Health Data Research UK (HDRUK). 

ARO’s Trustworthy Research Environment solution provides UK-based life science researchers with secure access, analysis and sharing of sensitive data – fully managed, fully compliant, out of the box. “

Our technical expertise

Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE). Only better.


On-shore service

All infrastructure located in the UK to ensure compliance and data sovereignty.


Certified compliant

Certified to ISO27001; NHS DSP and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.


Health specialists

NHSD-audited with direct connectivity to Health and Social Care Network. 

Impact where it matters

Fast to implement

Standard implementation in only 8 to 12 weeks.

Pay as you go

Fixed monthly billing and no data ingress/egress charges. 

Scale on demand

Quickly and cost-effectively add bandwidth, storage, computing or services.

A Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE) is a secure, controlled computing environment designed to facilitate research while keeping sensitive or private data secure.

A Trustworthy Research Environment provides a platform for researchers to analyse and work with data without compromising privacy or violating regulatory requirements. TREs are most often used in research settings where access to sensitive information is essential, such as healthcare, finance, or social sciences.

A TRE makes sure sensitive data is protected against unauthorised access or breaches and also helps researchers adhere to legal and regulatory requirements regarding data privacy and security.

The best practices for building a TRE include access controls, encryption, regular audits, continuous monitoring, and compliance checks.

TREs create highly secure digital environments, enabling researchers to access data in a safe way. As the information and analytical tools can be found in a single place and can be accessed remotely, the data in a TRE does not need to leave the safe location to be sent out to researchers.