Data Safe Haven

ARO is one of the only service providers accredited to deliver a secure location for storing and protecting data to the standards required by UK health data custodians.

ARO has been providing data storage with enhanced security measures to specialist health and medical research organisations for over 15 years. Our solutions have been designed from the ground up to comply with the most stringent regulations in the world around data security, data privacy and data governance.

Our architects are uniquely experienced in designing trustworthy research environments and data safe havens. And we’ve built our infrastructure accordingly, with secure, high availability accredited dual-location datacentres, and an access network with high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to HSCN, Internet and direct to data sources. 

Our fully compliant Data Safe Haven is available at competitive fixed monthly costs, removing the challenges associated with hyperscale cloud services.

Building a safe place to store sensitive information from scratch, and running it in compliance with regulatory standards, diverts valuable budget, time and resource away from the central purpose of the work.

ARO solves this problem by providing a fully compliant managed DSH that’s ISO27001 and NHS DSP compliant and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, and connected directly to the Health and Social Care Network. 

The service is available for procurement via HMG CCS and NHS frameworks and local buying partnerships for faster approval and time to market, enabling accelerated funding and approval timescales.  And if further resources are required as the project progresses, cloud-flex supports rapid and cost-efficient scalability without the need for additional infrastructure.

ARO is trusted by the UK’s most demanding data custodians to provide a robust, secure and fully compliant data safe haven for research teams to work efficiently and productively without compromising sensitive data protection.

A data safe haven is a secure and protected environment where sensitive and valuable data is stored. A TRE (trusted research environment) is an example of a data safe haven.

In a data safe haven, a combination of security measures are used, including encryption, access controls, regular backups, and secure storage infrastructure. Encryption ensures that data is unreadable without the appropriate decryption keys, access controls restrict and manage user permissions, regular backups prevent data loss, and secure storage infrastructure protects against physical and logical threats.

The use of data safe havens keeps data safe and secure. This in turn helps to maintain public trust and also allows for valuable data to be analysed and used for research without the risk of security being compromised.

A data safe haven provides a secure and resilient infrastructure that includes elements such as encrypted storage, redundant systems and backups, access controls, and physical security.

In todays digital world, achieving permanent data safety can be challenging. It requires ongoing efforts to adapt to evolving threats and technologies. However, organisations can enhance data safety by storing it in secure and well-managed environments, implementing strong security measures, and regularly updating their cybersecurity practices.

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