BUaas – DRaaS

We’ll ensure that your mission-critical systems and data are safe, secure and quick to fully recover in the event of disaster.

Future-proof backup management

Increasingly, business and data dependencies are outgrowing the capacity of in-house backup solutions to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Which is why hundreds of businesses are turning to ARO for support with secure, scalable backup without the need to invest in in-house backup infrastructure.

Proven disaster recovery management

Even the most secure architecture can’t provide 100% protection against hardware failure, human error and cyberattack. The ability to recover quickly from system failure and data loss are essential for business continuity. In regulated sectors like healthcare and finance, this commercial imperative is magnified by regulatory standards.

ARO’s Disaster Recovery as a Service is compatible with all virtual hypervisor platforms to support business continuity and compliance to the most demanding SLAs. With competitive fixed monthly billing and the flexibility to quickly scale and add new services, we’re able to minimise downtime and enable uninterrupted business operations during and after a disaster.

Delivered from our wholly owned UK datacentres via a secure high bandwidth, low latency network, we offer seamless integration, rapid automation and preparedness testing to the most stringent standards of accreditation.

We protect physical, virtual and cloud-based servers and data to provide:

  • Bare Metal Recovery – restore the entire system and data.
  • Instant Virtual Server Recovery – quickly spins up the desired server workloads.
  • File level data backup and restore – to assist in the recovery of data and files.

ARO’s data protection, backup, and disaster recovery services offer seamless integration, rapid automation, and secure dual-location infrastructure. So you can be confident of high availability at all times and rapid recovery if disaster strikes.

Backup as a Service (BUaaS) is a cloud-based service model that enables organisations to back up and protect their data by outsourcing the backup process to a third-party service provider.

With BUaaS, organisations offload their backup processes to a cloud service provider. The service provider usually offers a platform where users can schedule and manage backups, define retention policies, and store data securely in the cloud. Backup data is then transmitted over the internet or dedicated connections to the service provider’s infrastructure, where it is stored.

The main types of Backup as a Service include file-level backup, image-based backup, database backup, incremental backup and continuous data protection (CPD). CPD provides real-time or near-real-time backups for minimal data loss in case of an incident.

Backup as a Service helps organisations avoid data loss and simplifies the backup process by storing data on a managed backup cloud. It also reduces costs and ensures a healthy data recovery infrastructure. A reliable BaaS provider, like ARO, brings even more benefits to organisations such as data protection and reliability, backup data redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities, and convenience and cost control.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based service model that allows for the replication and recovery of critical IT systems and data in the event of a disaster or significant disruption.

]DRaaS is important for ensuring business continuity and minimising the impact of disasters or disruptions. 

DRaaS replicates critical IT systems and data to a cloud-based infrastructure managed by a service provider, like ARO. If a disaster or disruption does happen, organisations can activate their disaster recovery plan and redirect traffic and operations to the cloud-based infrastructure. This means that organisations have continuous access to critical applications and data, minimising downtime and data loss.

BUaaS is mainly focused on data protection, whereas DRaaS is designed for broader disaster recovery scenarios such as natural disasters. DRaaS ensures the continuity of entire IT systems in the event of a disaster.

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