Private Cloud

ARO’s private cloud solutions maximise stability, security, control and capacity so you can safely grow your computing environment without upfront capital investment or additional IT resources.

With ARO, setting up a private cloud for your business provides the same levels of access control, security, and resource customisation as on-premise infrastructure, but with the flexibility, scalability and low upfront costs that our cloud computing platform is designed to deliver.

UK-based private cloud architecture

Not all private cloud services are created equal.

ARO’s private cloud infrastructure is optimised for UK businesses to ensure data sovereignty, transparency and compliance within a flexible service delivery model.

Our private cloud deployment model stores your data within the UK, in wholly owned, accredited and secure tier-3 datacentres and backup facilities, connected to all main UK internet peering facilities and beyond via our secure high bandwidth, low latency national network.

This resilient, high availability cloud infrastructure is available on a fixed-cost pay-as-you-go basis, designed to enable future growth and expansion without upfront capital investment.

Compliance specialists

We have more than 60 years’ combined experience providing solutions into public sector and enterprise organisations, and are ISO27001 certified and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

Our enhanced secure connectivity solutions are deployed in the most tightly regulated environments. We’re accredited to provide services to organisations in the UK healthcare ecosystem, with infrastructure connected directly to the Health and Social Care Network. Approved for use in devolved nations within the UK, we’re NHS DSP accredited and NHSD-audited to ensure compliance with the most stringent standards of data hygiene and private cloud governance.

Our pathways to private cloud adoption are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, encompassing:

  • Private cloud vs public cloud. We offer private and shared platform configurations to ensure flexibility for private cloud migration strategies.  
  • Enhanced control security. Dedicated infrastructure by business or by sector ensures high levels of control and compliance in private cloud management.
  • Flexible delivery model. Supports hybrid, single and multi-cloud strategies.
  • Scalability designed in. Cloud-flex private cloud virtualisation enables frictionless data growth and service expansion.
  • Dependable performance. Low latency, high availability network delivers consistent and predictable performance.
  • Budget predictability. Fixed-cost deployment is available on Private and Shared Cloud platforms.

ARO is one of the UK’s leading private cloud providers, delivering secure, scalable, high-performance private cloud computing to the highest standards of compliance and availability. If you’re considering how to secure your data on a private cloud, consider talking to us.

Our technical expertise

Private Cloud. Only better.


On-shore service

All infrastructure located in the UK to ensure compliance and data sovereignty.


Certified compliant

Certified to ISO27001; NHS DSP and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.


Health specialists

NHSD-audited with direct connectivity to Health and Social Care Network. 

Impact where it matters

Pay as you go

Tailored functionality with fixed monthly billing and no data ingress/egress charges 

Scale on demand

Quickly add bandwidth, storage or services with no additional IT resource or headcount required.

Freedom to flex

Bespoke connectivity solutions support ‘infrastructure-free’ and cloud strategies 

A private cloud is a computing environment dedicated to a single organisation, providing a secure and isolated infrastructure for their exclusive use.

The main difference between private and hybrid clouds lies in their infrastructure and deployment model. A private cloud is exclusive to a single organisation. This means that all resources and services are only accessible by that specific organisation. However, a hybrid cloud combines elements of both private and public clouds. A hybrid cloud allows data and applications to move between both private and public environments, giving greater flexibility and scalability.

A public cloud is owned and maintained by a third-party provider, accessible over the internet and its resources are shared among multiple organisations. Unlike public clouds, private clouds are exclusive to just one organisation and are hosted on-premises, in a data centre, or by a third-party cloud service provider.

Private cloud environments often use a cloud management platform to automate provisioning, monitoring, and resource allocation. This infrastructure can be hosted on-premises or by a third-party provider, offering the organisation control over its computing resources and data.

Private cloud gives organisations full control over hardware and software choices and the freedom to customise them. It also offers greater visibility into security and access control, because all workloads run behind the organisation’s own firewall.