We provide a single point of contact for seamless, scalable datacentre access and wider network connectivity to public, private and hybrid cloud.

ARO’s connectivity service provides a single, secure and flexible solution for all your datacentre, connectivity, IoT and Unified Collaboration needs. With all of this under a single SLA, you can focus your time and resources on building business value.

The growth trap

As your business grows and its network connectivity model evolves, just “keeping the lights on” can become time-consuming and resource-intensive. Managing multiple systems adds complexity, which inevitably drives increased risk. And the price of failure gets higher.

With ARO’s robust, secure infrastructure and radically simplified management and support, you can cut costs and complexity without compromising on secure and scalable connectivity.

Our high bandwidth, low latency, fully resilient core network connects our datacentres and the main UK network carrier peering datacentres, public internet and hyperscalers, with a range of connectivity options:

  • Access Network. Secure, dedicated connectivity for private cloud via the Internet, point to point ethernet circuits or private network, including MPLS or SD-WAN.
  • Secure Internet. Advanced encryption protocols, robust threat detection and prevention mechanisms, and seamless integration with user-friendly interfaces ensure privacy, security and regulatory compliance.
  • HSCN. Dedicated secure connection to NHS, Health and Social Care Network and the wider healthcare ecosystem, compliant with the stringent data security and privacy rules set down by NHS England.
  • Express Route. Dedicated high-speed, high bandwidth, private network connection to Microsoft Azure cloud to meet the highest performance, reliability and security requirements.

A managed solution

We’re a carrier-neutral independent connectivity service provider, with a highly redundant network architecture that can flex with your workloads to deliver optimal levels of data connectivity at the best price – all managed under a single SLA, from a single supplier, with a single management point of contact.

  • Simplify and rationalise. One point of contact for data centre, global connectivity, IT and Unified Collaboration delivery, simplifying supplier management and in-life support 
  • Scale up… or down. Redundancy on demand means circuits can be easily flexed up or down as workloads change. 
  • Opex vs Capex. No capital expenditure required, and you only pay for the capacity you use. 
  • Agility built in. With secure bandwidth sharing you can adopt a cloud-first or infrastructure-free strategy without the expense required by industry-specific connectivity providers
  • Focus on growth. We keep your networks and systems running smoothly, so you can deploy resources to more high-value tasks.

Secure, resilient and scalable connectivity requires on-going investment in infrastructure and expertise. With our fully managed connectivity service, you can stay technically competitive and fully resourced for a fraction of the cost.

Our technical expertise

Connectivity. Only better.


Robust infrastructure

Our highly Resilient, low latency, core network enables seamless connectivity to all data centres and public and private networks, including cellular. 


Comprehensive service

Simple, flexible delivery model meets all your connectivity infrastructure and management needs under a single SLA. 



Carrier- and vendor-agnostic delivery enables a service tailored to your needs without price premiums.

Impact where it matters

Strong and stable

Seamless, secure connectivity leverages best-in-class infrastructure to ensure reliable operational stability.


Infrastructure-as-a-service provides the most cost-efficient connectivity options with minimal risk and no up-front capital.


Built-in redundancy enables flexible provisioning with per-use billing for additional speed and bandwidth.

Managed connectivity services are solutions provided by third-party providers to oversee and optimise an organisation’s network connectivity.

An access network is a key component of a telecommunications infrastructure. It connects end-users, devices, or premises to a larger network (e.g. the internet) and serves as the gateway for users to access network resources and services. Access networks can either be wired or wireless and may include technologies such as DSL, cable, fiber optics, or wireless networks like Wi-Fi.

There are many ways your internet connection can be secured. For example, data in transit can be secured using encryption protocols, such as using Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and using secure web browsers and firewalls can help to protect against malicious activities. Additionally, implementing security measures at the network level, such as intrusion detection and prevention systems, can help to enhance overall internet connection security.

HCSN, or Healthcare Secure Service Network, is the new standards-based data network for the National Health Service (NHS) in England is a secure and dedicated network infrastructure designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

An Express Route is a service offered by cloud providers that enable organisations to establish a private and dedicated network connection to the cloud provider’s data centres. As this connection bypasses the public internet, it provides a more reliable, consistent, and potentially more secure link between an organisation’s on-premises infrastructure and the cloud.

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