WAN (Connectivity) Design and Implementation

Our WAN design and implementation service provides efficient, cost-effective deployment and support for secure connectivity to the datacentre and beyond.

Maximise the value of your datacentre and cloud investments. Our Professional Services teams leverage deep understanding of datacentre and enterprise network connectivity and compliance to design and implement a WAN (wide area network) using SD-WAN technology.

Expertise on demand

Working with ARO’s professional services team on WAN deployment and management gives you access to specialised expertise without the cost of hiring and training in-house resource.

And thanks to that expertise, you’ll benefit from faster deployment with lower risk, as well as enhanced WAN security and data protection.

Local knowledge

Our engineers and project managers have a deep understanding of your datacentre connectivity needs, existing connectivity channels, local telecommunications providers, and local compliance protocols.

We provide a single point of contact for end-to-end WAN connectivity and datacentre services, enhancing and expanding the capabilities of your in-house team with:

  • Solutions expertise: We have a track record of designing and deploying solutions that align perfectly with the specific requirements of business and datacentre operations.
  • Local knowledge: We can select the most suitable telecommunications providers and negotiate favourable terms to optimise your WAN’s performance.
  • Robust governance: We ensure that your network design is fully compliant with local standards and regulations without compromising efficiency.
  • Datacentre integration: We can seamlessly integrate specialist datacentre services into your WAN, streamlining management and improving overall reliability.
  • 24/7 support. We implement WAN monitoring tools to identify problems in real time, with engineers on call at all times to handle any WAN troubleshooting requirements.
  • Simplified approach: Our holistic approach ensures long term resilience with simplified on-going support and maintenance and single SLAs. 

ARO’s WAN design and implementation services enable secure, efficient and reliable network infrastructure, reduced costs and enhanced agility, all while freeing up your internal resources to concentrate on core competencies.”

Our technical expertise

Connectivity. Only better.


Optimised WAN architecture

Our professional services teams have designed network solutions for complex and highly regulated public sector and Enterprise organisations.


Improved WAN performance

Our engineers are accredited in the latest technologies and backed by leading WAN and LAN technology vendors. 


Maximum WAN security

Our risk assessment processes identify potential vulnerabilities, implementing security measures to protect your data and network infrastructure.

Impact where it matters

WAN optimisation

Only pay for the services you need without the overhead of maintaining an in-house team.

WAN scalability

Scale up or down as needed without the need to grow or shrink departmental resource.

WAN management

We provide on-going support and maintenance, freeing up your in-house teams to focus on core business.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network that connects multiple Local Area Networks (LANs) or other networks. However, unlike LANs, which are confined to a specific locations, WANs can communicate and exchange data over a large geographical area.

There are 2 broad categories of WAN: switched WAN and point-to-point WAN. In a point-to-point network, 2 LANs or end nodes are connected through a leased line whereas in a switched WAN network, multiple LANs are connected through a shared networking infrastructure.

In a WAN network, data is usually broken into packets, which are then transmitted over the network and reassembled at the destination. It uses routers, switches, and communication links like leased lines or satellite connection along with protocols such as TCP/IP ensure reliable data transmission.

A WAN network allows businesses to connect and communication over a larger geographical range. Plus, centralised management provides control and oversight of network resources.

WAN design and implementation services help create and deploy networks tailored to an organisation’s needs. ARO’s services in particular focus on optimising connectivity between dispersed locations, ensuring efficient and reliable communication. Security measures are also implemented to safeguard data transmission and prevent unauthorised access.

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