Private Cloud Design and Implementation

ARO’s private cloud solutions maximise stability, security, control and capacity so you can safely grow your computing environment without upfront capital investment or additional IT resources.

We have the skills and experience to design and implement a solution which will fully accommodate your IT system and data requirements in a secure, compliant and cost-efficient environment, ensuring that your data is secure and protected.

UK-based private cloud architecture

With tightening regulatory and industry compliance standards, the need for resource isolation to retain control over data storage, processing, and transmission is paramount. Today, every business needs robust business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in place to minimise downtime and data loss, with scalable infrastructure that can handle expanding resource needs as workloads increase.

Compliance specialists

We have more than 60 years’ combined experience providing solutions into public sector and enterprise organisations, and are ISO27001 certified and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

Our technical design team has extensive experience in migrating business systems to the cloud according to a tried and tested agile technical delivery process. Our private high availability cloud platform that can be easily adapted to suit your business needs, housed in accredited and approved UK facilities that are wholly owned and managed by ARO. Our pathways to private cloud adoption are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, delivering:

  • Expertise on demand. Access to a team with specialised knowledge to ensure a well-designed and efficiently implemented private cloud infrastructure.
  • Bespoke design. Customisation ensures that the private cloud aligns you’re your organisation’s unique workflows, applications, and business processes.
  • Continuous support. We ensure that your private cloud infrastructure remains optimised, secure, and up-to-date with evolving technology and security standards.
  • Seamless connectivity. Our high availability specialised data centre access solution means our support team can quickly and efficiently connect client services to the main UK Network Hubs.
  • Full compliance. Our private cloud services are compliant with ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO 27018 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

ARO’s private cloud design and implementation services leverage decades of experience, robust governance and compliance protocols and our flexible, high availability platform to deliver a secure private cloud solution that can flex and scale quickly and easily as your business requirements grow and change.

Our technical expertise

Private cloud. Only better.


On-shore service

All infrastructure located in the UK to ensure compliance and data sovereignty.


Certified compliant

Certified to ISO27001; NHS DSP and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.


Health specialists

NHSD-audited with direct connectivity to Health and Social Care Network. 

Impact where it matters.

Flexible by design

Private cloud services coupled with public cloud allows flexible and secure options and tooling.

Scale on demand

Cloud-flex supports rapid and cost-effective growth in bandwidth, data and service delivery.

Freedom to flex

Bespoke connectivity solutions support ‘infrastructure-free’ and cloud strategies. 

A private cloud is a cloud computing environment that is typically hosted on-premises or by a private cloud service provider exclusively for the use of one organisation.

A private cloud vitualises and pools computing resources such as servers, storage, and networking within the organisation’s data centre or through a private cloud service provider.

Private cloud provides security advantages as it runs on certain physical machines, making its physical security easier to ensure. It also gives organisations complete control over their infrastructure, data, and security policies, allowing them to tailor the private cloud environment to meet their unique requirements. 

A private cloud provides certain benefits over a public cloud such as enhanced security, greater control and for industries with strict compliance requirements, it provides a more customisable and controlled environment.

Private cloud design and implementation services involve the planning, architecture, and deployment of a private cloud infrastructure tailored to an organisation’s needs. This includes designing the virtualised environment, selecting appropriate hardware and software components, implementing automation and orchestration tools, and configuring security measures.

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