Co-Location Design and Implementation

As your colocation partner, we work as an extension of your own team within a virtual extension of your own datacentre facility. 

ARO’s colocation design & implementation service is built on strong foundations of trust and experience. We deliver secure, flexible access to our fully accredited UK datacentre facilities, supported by specialist teams with unmatched experience in migrating and managing critical applications in regulated environments. 

Location matters

For data and applications too complex or critical to risk migrating to the cloud, ARO offers a proven service for design and implementation of co-location facilities as part of our UK-based datacentre service portfolio.

The datacentre is the nerve centre of the modern enterprise – where knowledge, networks, processes and workloads converge.

But operating a secure, full-featured and fully compliant data centre requires constant maintenance, expert compliance management and significant investment – not least in initial construction costs. If the business grows or evolves, the data centre must do so too. All of which creates risk as well as significant and frequently unpredictable costs.

De-risking growth

We offer complete datacentre design and implementation or limited off-site provisioning for specific regulatory or business requirements, such as disaster recovery, data replication or archiving. 

We continuously invest in our assets, technologies and people to ensure our colocation service is optimised for efficiency, performance, stability, security and compliance with unique features, including:

  • On-shore infrastructure. Our facilities are located and accredited in the UK to ensure data sovereignty and compliance.
  • Proven methodology. We apply a proven agile delivery process to migrate business systems infrastructure to our secure facilities.
  • Maximum compliance. Our network infrastructure design and implementation are NHSD-audited with direct connectivity to the Health and Social Care Network.
  • Accelerated time to value. New services can be connected quickly to the main UK Network Hubs, including assets for disaster recovery design and implementation and mechanisms for access to multiple upstream network providers. 

ARO has the experience, infrastructure and proven methodologies to safely migrate and efficiently manage your most critical applications and data – however complex or regulated your operating environment.”

Our technical expertise

Colocation Design & Implementation. Only better.


Certified compliant

ISO27001, ISO27017 and ISO 27018 certified; Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and NHSD-audited. 



Supports procurement via HMG CCS and national and local frameworks and buying partnerships.


Grows with you

Cloud-flex virtualisation design and implementation supports both temporary and permanent increases in resource.

Impact where it matters


Specialised datacentre colocation services deployed with public cloud allows flexible and secure options and tooling. 


Experienced, reputable and accredited private UK provider can accelerate funding and approval timescales.


Reduce the cost of datacentre infrastructure and management without compromising security, compliance or access.

Co-location is the practice of housing privately-owned servers, networking equipment, and other hardware in a third-party data centre facility. In a co-location arrangement, businesses rent physical space, power, cooling, and network connectivity to house their own hardware instead of hosting it in-house.

Co-location provides physical space and facilities for a business’s own servers and hardware, offering more control over specific equipment. Cloud services involve renting virtualised resources (compute, storage, etc) from a provider. This offers scalability and flexibility without the need for dedicated physical hardware.

Co-location not only helps businesses maintain control over their hardware and equipment but it is also a more reliable and cost-efficient way house your hardware.

Leasing space in a colocation facility is less expensive than building or expanding a data centre and it provides the scalability needed to accommodate growth. Also, colocation facilities, like ARO’s, can provide additional on-site technical support services.

Other types of data centres include:
• Enterprise Data Centres: Owned and operated by individual organisations for their exclusive use.
• Cloud Data Centres: Facilities that host cloud services and provide virtualised resources to users.
• Managed Services Data Centres: Facilities operated by third-party providers offering managed services for specific IT functions.
• Internet Data Centres (IDCs): Centres that specifically support internet-based services and applications.
• Colocation Data Centres: As discussed, these centres provide physical space for businesses to house their own servers and equipment.