Managed Connectivity

ARO’s Managed Connectivity Service provides a streamlined, secure, and scalable network infrastructure without the cost or complexity of network management.

Minimise the cost, risk and complexity of managing a growing business communications network. We offer a secure and flexible solution to connect all your people, places and devices, offering scalability, resilience and cost-efficiency under a single SLA.

The growth trap

As your business grows, the task of managing network connectivity becomes more burdensome and costly. Complex tasks like optimising bandwidth to support fluctuating workloads or integrating network connectivity seamlessly with cloud-based services and applications, inevitably drive increased risk. And the price of failure gets higher as data volumes grow.

With ARO’s robust, secure infrastructure and radically simplified management and support, you can cut costs and complexity without compromising on secure and scalable connectivity.

A managed solution

Our managed connectivity service is delivered by experienced engineers and consultants over a high bandwidth, low latency, fully resilient core network that connects our data centres to main UK carrier peering datacentres, public internet and hyperscalers.

We take a proven structured approach to service delivery, ensuring a seamless transition to our managed service without impacting on daily operations. Our fully managed service includes.

  • Assessment and Requirements Gathering. Our experts conduct an initial assessment of your existing network infrastructure, understanding business requirements, connectivity needs, potential challenges and future growth plans.
  • Design and Architecture. Based on our assessment, we design a customised Connectivity solution, considering factors like bandwidth requirements, security needs, data protection and scalability.
  • Implementation and Configuration. Once the solution is implemented, configurations are set up according to agreed parameters, ensuring that the network aligns with your business requirements.
  • Monitoring and Management. We provide continuous monitoring of network performance, bandwidth utilisation, and security events, with proactive support to optimise network connectivity and address any issues or potential disruptions.

With our expertise and infrastructure, you can be assured of secure, resilient and scalable network connectivity as your business grows and changes and new technical challenges and opportunities arise. Our fully managed connectivity service keeps you technically competitive and fully resourced with minimal infrastructure investment.

Our technical expertise

Managed Connectivity. Only better.


Robust infrastructure

Our highly resilient, low latency, core network enables seamless connectivity to all data centres and public and private networks, including cellular. 


Comprehensive service

Simple, flexible delivery model meets all your connectivity infrastructure and management needs under a single SLA. 


Total security

Enhanced security features provide robust defence against cyber threats, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data and communications.

Impact where it matters

Strong and stable

Seamless, secure connectivity leverages best-in-class infrastructure to ensure reliable operational stability.


The most cost-efficient connectivity options with minimal risk and no up-front capital investment.


ARO’s network infrastructure is always kept up-to-date with the latest technologies, addressing the challenge of technological obsolescence.

A managed connectivity service is a solution provided by a third-party service provider to oversee and optimise an organisation’s network connectivity. This service encompasses the management, monitoring, and maintenance of network infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and secure connection between different locations, devices, or cloud services.

Managed Connectivity Solutions offer cost control, reduced operating expenses, and predictable monthly fees. They also guarantee high availability, optimised performance, and quality of service, allowing enterprises to concentrate on core tasks.

The different types of network connectivity include wired connectivity (physical cables), wireless connectivity technologies, like Wi-Fi for flexible and mobile access, wide area network (WAN) which connects geographically dispersed locations, virtual private network (VPN) which establishes secure connections over the internet and lastly cloud connectivity which enables access to cloud services and resources.

Managing your network connectivity in-house demands specialised knowledge for effective network design and maintenance which not only can be expensive but also costs time. Additionally, if issues are not quickly addressed, there is an increased risk of downtown. Managed connectivity can solve all of this along with scalable solutions that can adapt to changing business needs and robust security measures.

Managed connectivity services typically offer network monitoring, security management, bandwidth management, troubleshooting and support, scalability planning and performance optimisation. ARO’s managed connectivity solutions provide network oversight across multiple locations. This ensures consistent uptime and minimises disruptions even for complex and sprawling networks.

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