With over 25 years’ experience delivering cloud-based commuications, ARO has the technical skills, business experience and technology infrastructure to deliver Swift’s strategic, enterprise-grade solutions.

Simple but effective

For small businesses with heavy workloads, the key to effective communication is simplicity. But running multiple solutions on legacy infrastructure is neither simple nor effective.

With Swift’s cloud phone package, ARO provides a powerful turnkey solution that’s quick and easy to install, encompassing phone, chat, file sharing, screen sharing, call recording, call centre functionality and video conferencing. With state-of-the-art security and redundancy, users can access Swift from anywhere via a single web interface – all with a single monthly bill.

UC experts

Our system architects design and configure your Swift solution centrally to fit with your company processes and integrate with your other mission-critical applications. And because Swift is built on Web RTC for simple installation and expansion locally, we offer flexible packages to fit the changing needs of your company

Swift is delivered by our highly experienced engineers, once installed you will be supported  by our UK support centre run by experienced help desk agents.

Swift’s all in one Business Collaboration Solution makes communication easier and more effective, combining the flexibility of cloud telephony with a portfolio of high-value collaboration services – delivered and supported by ARO’s expert team, for one price, on one platform, accessible via your current internet connection.

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