Gamma Horizon

ARO is a Gamma Platinum Partner with one of the most experienced Horizon teams in the UK. Together, we can drive greater productivity through better communication that’s easier to manage and faster to scale.

The everywhere office

Gamma Horizon meets the challenge of keeping teams connected – in the office, at home, on the road – with a single integrated system for voice, video, messaging and collaboration tools, delivered as a hosted service and designed to accommodate the different ways that people communicate and collaborate today.

Leveraging cloud technology, Gamma Horizon streamlines communication, removing the resource drain of multiple solutions running on local hardware, and eliminating the need for upfront capital investment.

Industry leading expertise

As a Gamma Platinum Partner, we retain the most experienced Horizon specialists in the UK. We have a proven track-record designing, implementing and managing Horizon business solutions to support voice, data, and mobile strategies, including Horizon Collaborate, enabling users to effortlessly chat, voice call, video call, and share files from their preferred device to enhance customer satisfaction and improve employee productivity.

We provide any hardware required, such as IP phones or devices, and assist with software provisioning to ensure seamless integration with the platform.

And our experienced support teams ensure that users are proficient and productive, delivering training sessions, technical assistance and troubleshooting, and facilitating expansion in scope and scale as the business evolves. 

As a Gamma Platinum Partner, we’re ideally positioned to connect your people, wherever they are, leveraging the UK’s leading hosted communication and collaboration platform. We’ll deliver a single integrated and innovative solution for all your business communications, that can seamlessly scale with business growth.”

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