Meeting Room Solutions

In today’s hybrid world, our meeting room solutions enable teams to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.

ARO provides meeting room solutions to 500+ companies spanning large manufacturers, education, retail, and entertainment. From video conferencing solutions to smart meeting room technology, ARO creates intelligent workspaces, so you can extract high performance and maximum value from your shared spaces.

With hybrid working the norm, we give your employees access to the technology they need to facilitate virtual meetings, events, and webinars.  This includes everything from large conference rooms to smaller, more informal ‘huddle’ rooms. We work with you to build and deploy a solution that delivers ease of use, and a reliable user experience.

As you explore different options for meeting room technology and equipment, we’ll help you make the right decisions and ensure everything is implemented to deliver optimal performance. For example, we can help with sourcing and installing video conferencing systems, high-definition displays or video walls, high-quality cameras and microphones, speakers, interactive whiteboards, and immersive sound systems.

  • Customised solutions. We tailor AV meeting rooms to specific needs, considering factors such as room layout, technology integration requirements, and the types of meetings typically conducted.
  • Integration. We integrate video cloud software (such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom) with existing tools and platforms to ensure seamless workflows and easy adoption.
  • Scalability. We allow organisations to easily expand the technology to additional rooms as their needs grow and evolve.
  • Meeting room booking system. Our room booking app connects to Outlook and is easy to access from a visually dynamic tablet in the room.

We create technology-powered meeting room solutions that transform how your teams work together and collaborate with clients. By implementing a meeting room booking system we make managing the demand for your high spec collaborative spaces effortless and efficient.”

Why us?


Access to world-class vendors

Crestron, Microsoft, Sony – they offer the best set-up process, and a more reliable performance and user experience.


On-the-ground support

With 10 offices across the UK, we can offer local support when and where you need it.


Ongoing support

Our service desk is available to make sure your meeting room solution is running optimally and supporting you with any issues and queries.

Impact where it matters

Enhanced collaboration and productivity

Ideas and information are shared more efficiently and effectively in well-equipped meeting rooms.

Optimised resource

By equipping meeting rooms with the right resources, your time, personnel, and equipment are used more efficiently. 

Professional outlook

Impressive presentations, interactive discussions, and seamless virtual meetings contribute to better client relationships and increased business opportunities. 

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