Wildix Call Centre

ARO is one of the fastest growing Wildix Platinum Partners in the world, empowering businesses to elevate customer service and build stronger customer relationships with Wildix’s suite of virtual call centre solutions.

The benefits of using Wildix Call Centre for your business

Wildix Call Centre provides a cloud-based solution to efficiently manage and respond to customer inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and operational efficiency. Fully integrated with the Wildix Unified Communications platform, Call Centre delivers omnichannel support for customers along with a range of contact centre capabilities to improve operational efficiency, including call monitoring, call routing, call recording, live wallboard and AI-powered call analytics – all via a single web interface that agents can access from a number of devices.

Wildix is hosted on AWS and uses a native encryption system with no separate SBCs or VPNs, providing the highest levels of resilience and security, as well as the ability to scale up during peak times or to accommodate business growth. Native integrations with leading CRM systems provide agents with a 360° view of customers and interactions in real time, enabling rapid and consistent responses.

How to set up a Wildix Call Centre with ARO

ARO is a Platinum Partner with thousands of supported seats, making us one of the fastest growing Wildix Partners in the world. Our skilled and fully qualified engineering, training and support teams regularly handle large projects across multiple sites, including international deployments.

We’ll deliver a fully bespoke implementation plan to ensure your business objectives are met with minimum disruption to operations, and assign a Project Manager to work closely with you to oversee the installation and system set-up. 

Our Wildix Call Centre service enables stronger, deeper customer relationships by efficiently managing customer communication, enhancing customer satisfaction, providing data-driven insights, and allowing for scalable and flexible customer service operations, ultimately driving operational excellence. 

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