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We’re a Gamma Platinum Partner with over 10 years experience empowering SMEs to build customer loyalty via Gamma’s omnichannel customer engagement and communications platform.

Everywhere, all the time

Businesses that use omnichannel strategies record 91% greater customer retention compared to those that don’t. Gamma’s omnichannel Contact Centre platform simplifies and enhances customer service and communication for SMEs by letting customers engage in the ways that suit them best – including email, web chat and outbound SMS, with call recording and advanced queue management to ensure efficient call handling and compliance with privacy and data protection rules.

Because it’s cloud-based, no major hardware to purchase, and no software to roll out, Contact Centre can quickly scale from 2 – 500 seats.  Specifically designed to work in conjunction with Horizon and Collaborate, Contact Centre provides a joined-up experience and shared feature set for front and back-office contact centre agents, leading to improved outcomes and greater customer loyalty.

Focused on you – and your customers

ARO is a Gamma Platinum Partner, with contact centre customers that include some of the nation’s leading banks, retailers and leisure centres, top legal firms, energy and utility providers, and many more.

Our experienced product experts will guide you through the entire Contact Centre design and implementation process, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to customise the service to your needs.  We provide a quick, secure and scalable deployment for Horizon Contact, and full user training and support to enhance the user experience. With our help, you can expect live services within just a few weeks, delivered and supported to the highest standard.

When a customer can communicate with the right person, by their preferred method, and get their issues resolved quickly and effectively, then they’re significantly more likely to remain a customer. ARO understands this, and with Gamma’s omnichannel Contact Centre platform, can help you to build customer loyalty through frictionless customer engagement.”

ARO is a Gamma Platinum Partner

Horizon Contact is a cloud-based customer engagement platform offered by Gamma that simplifies and enhances customer communication. This platform is ideal for small-medium businesses who want to simplify customer experience.

Horizon Contact provides a complex set of voice features that allow agents to make and receive calls and manage current and historical communications. It can also be connected to email servers to send and receive emails, has access to webchat, offers call back capabilities, advanced queue management, skills-based routing, management reporting, and provides wallboards and live data.

Skills-based routing directs incoming customer interactions to the most qualified and suitable agent based on their skills, expertise, and availability. This ensures that customers are connected with agents who have the necessary knowledge and proficiency to address their specific needs, leading to improved customer experience and first call resolution.

Advanced Queue Management is a feature that goes beyond basic call queuing by providing additional tools and options for optimising the handling of incoming customer interactions. This may include features such as priority routing, dynamic queue adjustments based on agent availability, and sophisticated algorithms to ensure efficient distribution of calls among available agents. This feature is particularly important to minimise wait times, improve service levels, and enhance the overall customer experience within the contact center.

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