Call Recording

Call recording best practices require an understanding of legal as well as technical considerations. Over 25 years of integrating call recording solutions into telecoms platforms for public and private sector customers, we’ve developed a deep understanding of both.

Call recording – compliance and customer service

Call recording is a powerful business tool, particularly when integrated with call recording analytics. While any FCA-regulated company is legally bound to record telephone calls, call recording systems and analytics can provide valuable insights, evidence, and opportunities for quality control for any service-centric organisation with a focus on customer service.

How to record phone conversations and build business value

Whether you have to record phone calls for PCI DSS compliance, or you want to utilise it for staff training and quality control purposes, we have the experience and technical expertise to ensure that you deploy the best call recording software for the task, and that it’s seamlessly integrated with your telecoms platform to deliver maximum value with minimum disruption.

ARO offers a range of call recording software and apps along with analytical tools to provide valuable insights, evidence, and opportunities for quality control. With more than 25 years delivering such solutions for organisations across all sectors – including in our own business – our team of solution experts have the knowledge and experience to understand your business drivers and recommend a solution to ensure compliance and facilitate more informed conversations with your customers.

ARO can call on 25+ years of experience to ensure that your call recording technology integrates seamlessly with your telecoms platform and meets your business objectives while staying fully compliant with all call recording privacy, security and data protection standards.

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