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In a hyperconnected world, we build omnichannel contact centre solutions that support your customers throughout their journey with you. Whichever route they decide to take.

We design, develop, and maintain your contact centre technology infrastructure so you can deliver your customers a great experience from every interaction they have with you – whether they’re troubleshooting an issue over a customer support line, raising a query through an AI agent or seeking a progress update on a mobile app.

We design and deliver omnichannel contact centre strategies that enable your agents to transition seamlessly between communication channels during a single service interaction. This means, however your customers connect with you – phone, email, instant messaging, chatbot – you can pick up from where a previous interaction ended, regardless of the channel it initially took place.

Gamma, Talkdesk, Wildix – we have gold and platinum partnerships with the best providers in the business. How we use and combine these technologies makes the difference between an OK and a great customer experience. For example, we can configure advanced queue management options, such as skills-based routing and last agent routing, to direct your customers to the right place, right away. And with AI and self-service tools, we up productivity and response times by automating every step of your customer journey.

  • Cloud-based contact centre solutions. Scale up or down by simply adding or removing seats from your license and seamlessly integrate your systems and processes so you can seamlessly share data across your organisation.
  • Webchat. From basic, scripted webchats to intelligent virtual agents, you can quickly answer customer questions while agents focus on other tasks.
  • Wallboards. Access powerful live data from the start of a conversation, giving you better insight into queues and live status events.
  • Real-time reporting and call analytics. Accurately measure service level agreement metrics – from average queue times to first call resolutions.

When a customer connects with you, we make sure your contact centre technology is optimised to support that interaction. From setting up call routing and call recording for your call centre, to implementing a fully functioning virtual contact centre – we bring the expertise to elevate your customer experience at every touchpoint.”

Why us?


A partnership approach

ARO product experts will guide you at every stage, helping you to customise your solution to offer more choice, more flexibility and a better experience for your customers and agents.


Fast deployments

ARO provides a quick, secure and scalable deployment process. With us, your cloud-based contact centre can be up and running in a few weeks. 


Plans to meet your needs

We offer a range of plans from basic agent support to a full workforce engagement management system. 

Impact where it matters

Enhanced customer loyalty

Businesses using omnichannel strategies keep 91% more customers each year compared to those that don’t. 

More responsive customer service

60% of customers value the ability to resolve issues quickly.

Greater flexibility for customers

84% of companies believe customers want self-service options available at all times. 

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