Mobile Security

ARO has been helping UK customers to securely manage mobile fleets for 25+ years, minimising the costs and risks of loss, theft and cyber attacks without compromising user experience.

A strategic approach to mobile security risks

With so many remote and hybrid users working from home and on unsecure public Wi-Fi networks or in transit, mobile security management is becoming harder, more complex and more tightly regulated. And it’s not just data at risk of theft or loss – it’s mobile devices themselves.

Comprehensive mobile security policies and solutions are necessary to all portable devices, the information stored on and transmitted between them.

How to enhance mobile security

ARO has been supporting customers with both software and training in best practices for mobile security for over 25 years, offering both technical support and practical advice for both users and administrators.

We recommend and implement mobile security technologies – such as data protection and separation, antivirus, encryption, remote wipes, and device tracking – to ensure compliance and minimise the threats of data loss or cyber attack without negatively impacting user experience or productivity.

Just as importantly, we help you to establish mobile security awareness among users and enforce clear policies around BYOD, password hygiene and use of unsecure networks such as public Wi-Fi. 

ARO’s mobile security solutions enable you to equip your users with secure mobile devices and train them in mobile security best practices to safeguard company data and minimise the risk of loss or theft. With tools for centralised access control, compliance and mobile device security management, we help to keep your mobile users secure and productive.  “

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