In Building Coverage Solutions

Extend your mobile network coverage all the way into the office, and keep your mobile users connected with a reliable voice and data service across all your buildings. 

Signal failure as a building management problem

Most buildings have one or two mobile black spots, where certain building materials or building design features, like concrete pillars, metal window frames or thick walls interrupt mobile reception, causing calls to drop out or get missed altogether.

For smaller operations, this might be no more than a minor irritation. But with hundreds of users across multiple sites the black spots add up, and every missed or dropped call represents lost productivity, missed opportunity and unnecessary frustration.

In-building coverage solutions for better signal reception

We specialise in delivering in-building network coverage for larger, extended environments, integrating our technology solutions with end user connections to provide connectivity wherever it’s needed.

We’ve designed and installed in-building solutions to extend and enhance signal coverage in offices, hospitals, universities and mixed commercial estates, optimising internal area coverage and connecting customers with 6,400+ mast site locations across the UK.

Signal suffering from poor location, building layout, or materials?

  • Underground spaces or remote locations outside cities or villages can be out of range
  • Competing signal sources creates interference as you go higher up
  • Low-emission glass blocks around 90% of external mobile signals
  • Grade I or listed buildings often suffer

Our solutions team can assess signal issues and coverage needs across your built estate, then submit designs for a system to target the specific areas where your users need coverage. Once the design as is approved, we have a range of wireless technology solutions and hardware at our disposal to solve the problem, including masts, small cells, picocells, distributed antenna systems, 5G ready fibre and much more.

Extend your indoor coverage with small cell technology

Small cell technology is easily installed, highly flexible, and is an established mobile network solution. Combine Freshwave technology and ARO expertise and you get full-service design, deployment, and management of all the hardware you need. A seamless small cell service giving exceptional network coverage in your buildings.

  • All cells are designed and manufactured by each respective operator, ensuring seamless connectivity with all mobile SIMs
  • Cells can be installed on ceiling tiles and even hidden in roofs away from specific office themes
  • Minimal space is required for network switches on floors or in rooms
  • Cabling services available for buildings that can’t accommodate extra network ports

Raising the bar with fully registered multi-operator solutions

  • Fully registered indoor mobile signal service provider for the four main mobile networks
  • 24/7 managed solution to analyse traffic patterns and monitor usage spikes, for optimum uptime and utilisation of all cells
  • Outage alerts provide outage details – before they’re even identified
  • Fully bespoke installation tailored to building designs and floor plans. Maximum floor coverage guaranteed to ensure no dead spots or weak signal areas


By combining ARO’s expertise with the latest wireless network technology you get full-service design, deployment, and management of all the hardware you need to ensure exceptional network coverage throughout your built estate. 

In-building coverage solutions are technologies and strategies designed to enhance and extend mobile network signals within buildings. These solutions address the challenges of weak or inconsistent mobile signals experienced in large structures.

To improve mobile signals in buildings, businesses can install signal boosters or repeaters, utilising distributed antenna systems (DAS), and optimising building materials to reduce signal interference. Additionally, Wi-Fi calling and in-building wireless solutions can be implemented to enhance mobile connectivity within the building.

In-building wireless solutions deploy systems like distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, or repeaters strategically within a building to amplify and distribute mobile signals. In some cases, dedicated in-building wireless infrastructure may be installed to address specific coverage needs. ARO can assess signal issues and coverage needs across your entire built estate, then design a system to target the specific areas where your users need coverage.

An in-building wireless solutions helps businesses overcome signal dead zones, improving call quality and data speeds, enhancing the overall user experience within a building, and supporting multiple wireless devices. These solutions are particularly useful in large structures where traditional outdoor network signals may struggle to come through.

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