Business Mobiles

In a work-from-anywhere world, our business mobile strategies allow your people to stay connected, communicate and collaborate with more convenience.

We make sure your business mobile phone contracts give your workforce the flexibility and agility they need, so they can stay connected with customers and colleagues wherever they’re working.

With the right business mobile phone options, you can connect with colleagues from an airport lounge, find information securely on-demand in a hotel, and attend a webinar on a train – remote working is no longer limited to a home office or even one country. ARO helps you source the best performance hardware and optimally structures business mobile phone plans so they’re aligned to your unique requirements.

But our advice isn’t only about getting the best business mobile phone deals. ARO also offers Managed Fleet services, in-building coverage solutions, options for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and mobile security solutions. In short, with us you get a 360-degree view on your mobile usage and expenses, and hardware to help your workforce operate more securely and efficiently.

Wherever you need your workforce to add value or be operational, we can build a solution for you on your preferred device or platform. That’s what you get when you work with a partner that’s been mobilising the UK’s workers for over 25 years. Impartial mobile network advice, with solutions based on EE, Vodafone or O2. Plus, access to the latest brands of mobile hardware.​

  • Network agnostic advice. ARO is an Independent Service Provider (ISP) for O2 and Vodafone. We also offer mobile tariffs for EE, meaning you get the best possible coverage on three of the UK’s main mobile networks.
  • Mobile performance management. Use our portal to raise support tickets, make changes to your services, check your latest bills, and review mobile usage.
  • Email and data access on-the-go. Productivity is no longer linked to a set location. ARO gives you access to unique roaming tariffs that enable flexible working and global operations.
  • Mobile phones for business use. You have the option of Apple, Samsung and Google devices, and we provide a two-year warranty on hardware, including selected iPhone devices. 
  • Mobile Security Solutions. Security for your mobile platforms is built-in to our services. Gain access to a range of mobile security solutions to protect your core data, infrastructure and attack surface.
  • Mobile Management. Managing everything from rolling out new SIM cards, all the way to a complete managed service of devices and airtime. Freeing you to focus on your core business.

Competitive & flexible business mobile tariffs

For 25+ years we’ve been turning mobile communications strategies into competitive advantages. Naturally, you get the benefits from the relationships we’ve built up. For example, best-of-breed products and services that come from a dual service provider of O2 and Vodafone. Whatever your chosen device or network, you get the coverage to keep your business connected. Plus, the best possible technology and tariffs, in the UK and when roaming.

  • Competitive voice and data tariffs built around your requirements on trusted business networks. All tariffs are 5G enabled.
  • Spend caps for employees and free usage alerts to help mitigate over-usage and expensive roaming charges.
  • Flex your bundles up and down without any restrictions on minimum or maximum users.
  • Reduce bill shock and gain peace of mind with roaming charges managed worldwide.
  • Get your invoices customised for separate business units and cost centres.
  • Discover the latest devices from the major manufacturers, with 24 months warranty and next-day
  • Advanced replacement service too. Even on Apple devices.

Bespoke customer support with Direct Network Access

The best way to guarantee you quality of service is to have direct network access. In other words, we are your network. Bringing connectivity straight to you, with billing, support and account management.

  • Access support and have changes made directly, in real-time.
  • Dual network service provider status, carefully built up during 25+ years of doing business.
  • Dedicated points of contact across all areas of the business with a clear escalation path.
  • Direct network access means we set and consistently achieve our strict SLAs for providing you with support when you need it.

Dedicated account management & online management portal

A personalised service, with expert recommendations available at the end of the phone and online too.

  • You’ll always speak to a named contact when you speak to us.
  • Dedicated account manager to help you scope out and implement the right tariff for your business.
  • Get regular account reviews that show you your usage and check your tariff meets your needs.
  • You also get the online account management tool Insight – for free. Use ARO’s billing platform to check bills, review usage and print reports.
  • Fleet Management module within Insight, simplifying management of large fleets of mobile devices. This enables authorised contacts to make account updates, such as modifying cost centres, CLI details and more.

We chose ARO largely through a recommendation. The transfer was almost seamless in that we were provided with SIMs in advance of the switchover date so that we could distribute them to staff. The support experience on the mobile contract from your company has been the smoothest that Trace Group have ever experienced.”

Why us?


Wide-ranging network access

ARO is one of only six O2 and Vodafone ISPs in the UK, a Vodafone Reseller of the Year and a Strategic Channel Partner for EE. 


Better performance

With more than 25 years’ experience, you can rely on us for efficient and effective management of your business mobile fleet.


The best mobiles for business

We offer hardware from a range of the top business mobile phone providers. Choose from Apple, Samsung and Google devices.

Impact where it matters

Greater productivity

The average mobile worker works 240 hours longer per year than the general population.

Helping disparate teams to bond

40% of workers say poor communication reduces trust in leadership. Mobile connectivity bridges the gap.

A happier workforce

With 98% of workers wanting to work remotely or hybrid, a mobile-first approach has a favourable impact on employee satisfaction.

Business mobile contracts offer several benefits including cost predictability by offering fixed monthly plans tailored to business needs. They also provide features such as shared data plans, allowing better resource management for teams. Plus, businesses can benefit from dedicated support and account management services.

An independent mobile service provider (ISP) is a telecommunications company that operates outside of major network carriers such as Vodafone and O2. Unlike the main carriers, these providers usually lease network infrastructure or have direct access to the networks of larger carriers and offer their services to consumers independently. ARO is an ISP for O2 and Vodafone. We also offer mobile tariffs for EE, meaning you get the best possible coverage on three of the UK’s main mobile networks. As an ISP, ARO can offer competitive rates, flexible plans, and a personalised customer experience.

To select the best mobile device, businesses must consider factors like performance, security features, and productivity tools. However, with all the options available, choosing a mobile device can be challenging. ARO helps you source the best performance hardware from Apple, Samsung, and Google along with the option of a two-year warranty for any purchased device.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a type of security software that works to control and secure mobile devices within an organisation. MDM is particularly important with the rise of remote working. ARO’s MDM solutions help to reduce exposure to data loss and security breaches when employees are using smartphones for work and working out of office.

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