AV Solutions

With 25+ years’ experience, ARO provides nationwide sales and support for advanced, joined-up AV solutions to over 500 customers in manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail and entertainment.

The new work paradigm

Covid and Net Zero have transformed the way we work, ushering in a new era of remote and hybrid working, while replacing travel with technology for meetings at every level from the boardroom to the tearoom.

All of which has driven a wave of innovation and integration in AV technology, with a push for higher quality virtual meetings, more impactful media-rich presentations and more immediate, intuitive communication and collaboration.

Leading the way

ARO has been delivering leading-edge AV solutions to organisations across all industries for more than 25 years.

From 10 offices across the UK, we supply and support solutions for public and private sector organisations from SME to large enterprise, across all industry sectors, with special focus on:

  • Auditorium. We provide a complete technical solution, from planning to go-live, including projection, large displays, integrated video conferencing, lighting, sound and microphone solutions.
  • Boardroom. We manage the equipment in the room and ensure integration with communication and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams where required.
  • Healthcare. We’re specialists in secure communication, serving a number of healthcare organisations with stringent security and data protection requirements. We’re registered as an accredited healthcare supplier on G-Cloud 10, and an active member on the HSSF Framework under Arden and GEM CSU. 

We partner with best-in-class technology vendors to deliver immersive, impactful and easy-to-use AV solutions for meeting room, auditorium, classroom, conference centre and boardroom, with ongoing support via our bespoke online portal.”

Our technical expertise

The key elements of an AV solution include display technologies such as projectors or screens, audio systems for clear sound, video conferencing equipment, collaboration tools, control systems for seamless operation, and connectivity solutions to integrate various devices. AV solutions may also encompass interactive displays, cameras, microphones, and content sharing capabilities, providing a comprehensive set of tools for effective communication and collaboration.

AV solutions can be designed for various meeting spaces, including boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces, training rooms, auditoriums, and collaborative workspaces. Tailoring solutions to specific room sizes, purposes, and user requirements ensures that the AV technology effectively meets the needs of diverse meeting environments.

Businesses can benefit from a range of AV solutions such as video conferencing systems, interactive displays, digital signage, audio systems, and collaboration platforms. These technologies enhance communication and collaboration and contribute to more seamless and productive communication across teams, whether they are in the same room or working from different locations.

When implementing new AV technology, one if the main points businesses should consider is the compatibility of chosen solutions with existing infrastructure, such as network capabilities and collaboration platforms.

AV technology providers often offer support and maintenance options, including software updates, remote troubleshooting, on-site support, and technical assistance. Service-level agreements (SLAs) define the terms of support, such as response times and resolution procedures. ARO provides support with regular maintenance schedules, system health checks, user training programs, and more to help businesses optimise the performance and reliability of their AV technology.

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