Cloud Telephony Implementation

Shifting to cloud telephony unifies call management and messaging into a single interface, providing a scalable, future-proof service with extensive integration options.

As well as orchestrating a smooth transition to cloud-based calling, we’ll also customise your telephony strategy to maximise the value you achieve from moving your voice communication over to an internet connection.

ARO understands how to streamline your communications to amplify the benefits of cloud telephony implementation. Consequently, expect ongoing call costs to drastically reduce and with no upfront outlay in expensive on-premises hardware, your ROI starts building immediately. We also design solutions to integrate easily with your other cloud and hosted services, streamlining your communications into a single platform.

Future- ready communications

With the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) switch off looming in December 2025, planning your cloud telephony implementation timeline might suddenly feel more urgent. ARO guides you as you explore how to implement cloud telephony in your business, so you optimise the benefits of making your phone system digital.

  • Customised cloud telephony migration. Improving productivity, enabling hybrid working, facilitating omnichannel customer support – we structure solutions to match your business goals.
  • Optimising cloud telephony integration opportunities. For example, we’ll explore options for CRM integration to simplify data management and encourage collaboration.  
  • 100+ features to choose from. We guide you on how to configure your cloud telephony to deliver optimal performance for your business.  
  • Implementing cloud telephony solutions. We robustly plan your transition to minimise any disruption to your services.

The benefits of conversion to a cloud phone system are widely recognised, but few businesses have the skills inhouse to plan the transition process and navigate cloud telephony implementation challenges. ARO offers both the strategic oversight and technical expertise needed for a smooth transition.

Our technical expertise

Cloud Telephony Implementation. Only better.


Experts in cloud telephony configuration

With 25+ years’ experience, we bring a wealth of expertise in cloud telephony implementation best practices.


Access to world-class cloud telephony vendors

Gamma, Wildix, Mitel and NFON – ARO holds gold and platinum partnerships with the biggest names in the business.


Seamless cloud telephony deployment

We apply our experience to make your cloud telephony implementation process seamless
and minimise disruption to your services. 

Impact where it matters

Supporting remote working

A well-planned cloud telephony setup enables your people to work on any device from any location with a reliable internet connection.

Enabling unified communication

Removing legacy phone systems modernises your communication network, so you can leverage the benefits of a centralised digital communications platform.

A future-proof solution

Our cloud-based telephony systems are easy to scale and can adapt to new technologies and future communication trends. 

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