AV Consultancy and Design

Whether it’s a huddle room or a conference suite, we design customised audiovisual solutions to enhance communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

When you consult with an expert in AV technology from ARO, you gain a whole new perspective on your meeting spaces. From microphone and camera positions to interactive screens and video walls – an ARO AV consultant will guide you on how to maximise the impact of your communications.

AV design and engineering is an investment in achieving optimal performance from your collaborative spaces. ARO has access to all the latest AV market trends and analysis, and we know AV industry standards and regulations inside and out. We bring this knowledge to every project and apply it to create collaborative spaces that host more engaging experiences.

Always optimised AV performance

When you hire an audiovisual consultant, we encourage you to think beyond installation. At ARO, we supplement our design service with an ongoing managed service to ensure the optimal performance of your equipment is maintained. This covers everything from servicing and expanding systems to implementing comprehensive incident response plans in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

  • Customised design. Room layout, acoustics, lighting, technology integration, existing infrastructure – your ARO AV consultant designs audio-visual systems to complement your physical space as well as its purpose.
  • AV system integration. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring efficient data transfer and compatibility. 
  • AV equipment procurement advice. Our solutions include the optimal selection of audio, video, and control systems to achieve your goals. 
  • AV maintenance and support. We monitor and maintain AV systems remotely, to constantly improve quality, amplify performance, and address issues promptly. 

“Gone are the days when attending a video conference was a special event – it’s now an everyday norm. Your ARO AV consultant will advise you on how you can use audio-visual technology to create dynamic collaborative virtual meetings and events.”​

Our technical expertise

AV Consultancy and Design. Only better.


Wide-ranging AV technology consulting expertise

From large manufacturers, to education, retail, and entertainment – our expertise is built from working with 500+ organisations.


Prioritising a secure AV installation and set-up

We implement firewalls to control traffic between AV devices and the rest of the network to prevent unauthorised access and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. 


AV project management and ongoing support

Unlimited access to local expertise from our 10 offices and the additional convenience of an online support portal.

Impact where it matters

Increasing your ROI

Well-designed audio-visual solutions create meeting spaces that serve a multitude of purposes. And because they get more use, you get more value.

Optimising operational efficiency

ARO will design your space and select technology to deliver optimal efficiency and eliminate unnecessary expenses. 

More adaptable spaces

We’ll adapt your AV set-up to meet changing business needs, allowing you to reconfigure spaces, integrate new technologies, and adjust your strategies. 

Audio visual consultancy provides expert guidance and support in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of audio visual (AV) systems. This can include designing AV solutions for conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and other spaces for optimal functionality and user experience.

Common types of audio visual rooms include conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums/theatres, and control rooms. However, audio visual systems vary based on their intended use. For example, a conference rooms may be equipped with displays, audio systems, and video conferencing capabilities whereas auditoriums may feature advanced audio systems, large projection screens, and professional lighting for presentations or entertainment. There are no one-size-fits-all solution. ARO can tailor AV solutions based on your specific requirements so you can connect, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly.

When designing an AV solution, user requirements, user interface, space layout, and equipment compatibility must be considered. The system must be tailored to the physical layout of the space and depending on the size of your business, designing systems that can be easily expanded or upgraded can be extremely cost-effective. Of course, budget constraints must also be considered. ARO can help you stick to any budgetary limitations while also maintaining optimal performance.

No matter what size your business is, everyone can benefit from AV technology. The main benefit is enhanced productivity, communication and collaboration through seamless audio and video conferencing. ARO offers tailored video conferencing systems, professional audio equipment, and AV integration services to meet the unique needs of smaller businesses.

AV technology delivers a synchronised and immersive experience by combining audio and visual components. It usually involves capturing, processing, and transmitting audio and video signals through various devices and systems.

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