UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service)

Video conferencing, instant messaging, cloud telephony, email – we combine all your modes of communication and manage it for you from a single platform.

With our managed service, you outsource implementing, managing, and maintaining a unified communication solution to our team of experts. This allows you to explore the benefits of UCaaS for businesses without having to invest time and cost into hiring and training inhouse expertise.

There’s growing demand for infrastructure and management to support and integrate complex networks of voice over IP (VoIP), phone, video, and instant messaging channels. Our UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution fills this gap by offering organisations the simplicity of a single, cloud-based platform for managing multiple communication channels.

Unifying disparate systems

To set up, configure and maintain a UCaaS system requires niche expertise that most organisations don’t have inhouse. As a result, more and more businesses look to ARO to find a unified communications service provider that can not only deploy, but also continuously optimise their platform’s performance.

  • Rapid deployment. We expertly handle the configuration and setup for you, so deployment is swift and seamless.
  • Maintenance of collaboration tools. ARO customers receive regular updates, security patches, and maintenance to ensure the UCaaS platform remains current and secure.
  • A solution for disparate systems. If cumbersome legacy systems are hindering your business agility, UCaaS modernises your communications infrastructure. 

Face-to-face meetings are increasingly being replaced with virtual alternatives. We optimise opportunities for remote collaboration through unified messaging and communications. This brings together instant messaging, presence, video conferencing, and document sharing into a single, cloud-based platform.”

Our technical expertise

UCaaS. Only better.


Experts in simplifying multichannel communication

ARO are cloud experts with 25+ years of experience and Platinum or Gold accreditation from all our world-class communication vendors. 


Customised solutions

We tailor your UCaaS solution to your unique requirements, leveraging technology from world-class vendors, including Gamma, Wildix and NFON.


User training

ARO product experts can provide training, helping your users to master a new interface and the various tools and features on offer. 

Impact where it matters

30%-50% Reduce costs

Research shows switching to UCaaS saves businesses up to 30-50% in operating costs.

Security and compliance

Protecting your channels from data breaches and ensuring regulatory compliance is a key aspect of the quality of service (QOS) offered by ARO’s managed UCaaS service.

43% Scalability and flexibility

In 2022 43% of businesses cited scalability as the leading driver for UCaaS adoption.

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