Enterprise Mobility

We offer a more streamlined way to procure, manage and maintain the mobile devices across your organisation, so you get optimal value from enterprise mobility.

Today, most of the working population uses mobile technology to fulfil their role. Ensuring an equitable and secure remote working experience, starts with the right devices, set up correctly, with secure access to your applications and data. ARO’s managed mobility solutions provide the resource and expertise to deliver this at scale.

From laptops, to smartphones and tablets – we manage the sourcing, setup, delivery, and ongoing maintenance of your entire fleet of mobile devices. This empowers your people with secure access to company data and applications whenever they’re outside the office.

The growing challenge of mobile workforce management

A diverse mix of devices. An expanding mobile fleet. Limited IT capacity. Business operations that grind to a halt in the event of downtime. The technical and resource challenges of managing complex mobile fleets at scale is driving more and more businesses to explore different mobility services that are managed by professionals.

Support throughout the full device lifecycle

From device selection, acquisition, and configuration, right through to troubleshooting, recycling and replacement – our managed mobility team is your single point of contact throughout the entire device lifecycle. You can rely on us to do more than simply provide devices. We’ll also optimise your mobile plans and, when there are problems, our team will talk your end users through solutions or arrange for repairs and replacements.  

  • Mobile security management. We configure smartphones, tablets, and other devices so they’re compliant with your security policies.
  • Mobile asset management. Our rapid replacement service ensures faulty devices are promptly replaced and setup.
  • Extending the life of devices. We offer a repair and recycling service for broken or unwanted devices.
  • Mobile device management. With our MDM services you can unlock the ability to control, track and fix problems with devices from anywhere.

Getting full value from enterprise mobility relies on you being able to manage your fleet of devices effectively and efficiently. Our mobility managed services allow you to distribute and service an ever-growing number of mobile devices across your organisation, even on a global basis.”

Our technical expertise

Mobility managed services. Only better.


Faster device deployment

ARO’s experience in device provision and configuration leads to seamless, secure, and speedy mobile device deployment.


Support for over-stretched IT teams

IT teams find managed mobility services of the breadth offered by ARO significantly reduce the burden of device management and support.


Direct network troubleshooting

If you encounter a connectivity problem, our dual network service provider status (with O2 and Vodafone) means we have direct access to fix it.

Impact where it matters 

De-risking BYOD

92% of remote workers use a personal device for work tasks. We can help you enforce a bring your own device (BYOD) policy more effectively.

Mobile application management

32% of remote and hybrid workers use apps or software not approved by IT. Our solutions give you more visibility of this.

Mobile expense management

With our knowledge of the telecommunications market and expert technical support, you can reduce the total cost of ownership of your mobile fleet.

Enterprise mobility is use of mobile devices, applications, and services to conduct business operations efficiently.

The benefits of enterprise mobility include enhanced employee productivity, improved collaboration, and the ability to access critical business information anytime, anywhere. By leveraging mobile technologies, organisations can streamline processes and adapt to the evolving needs of a mobile workforce.

An enterprise mobility strategy focuses on device management, application management, and security. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, businesses can effectively manage their mobile devices, deploy and maintain applications, and uphold robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data.

Enterprise mobility gives employees the tools and flexibility they need to work efficiently. This results in improved responsiveness, more efficient operations, and even better customer service.

EMM is a set of tools and capabilities that enables organisations to manage the mobile devices used by employees. This includes making sure that the data is secure, the right apps are on the devices, and everything works smoothly.

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