Mobile Device Management

We help you implement robust mobile device management controls, so the productivity benefits of using mobile devices always outweigh the risks.

With ARO’s mobile device management system, we help you achieve your productivity goals by empowering your workforce to work wherever they want, using the devices they prefer, in a secure and risk-mitigated way.

The rise in hybrid working has seen a surge in the use of mobile technology in the workplace and a pressing need for more robust mobile device management policies. ARO’s mobile device management (MDM) solutions for managing and securing mobile devices reduce your exposure to data loss and security breaches when employees are using smartphones for work.

Consistency and compliance

If you’re wondering how to implement mobile device management in your business, our UEM (unified endpoint management) solutions ensure a consistent approach to preventing unauthorised access to your company systems across all devices. This ensures compliance with increasingly rigorous data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR) and means your information is protected from the risk of data theft.

  • Lost or stolen devices. Remotely locate, lock, or wipe data from lost or stolen devices, to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive company data.
  • Business continuity. ARO’s mobile device management features include an advanced replacement service where faulty devices are promptly replaced and setup. 
  • Sustainable mobile device management best practices. Included in our mobile device management solutions is a market-leading recycling and repair services for any broken or unwanted devices. 
  • Asset tagging. We organise device lists, allocations, and roll-out schedules to ensure full visibility and control of your fleet of mobile devices.

With our centralised mobile device management platform, you can implement a BYOD (bring your own device) policy securely, giving your people more flexibility to use their personal mobiles for work. This gives them more control of their working life, enabling them to collaborate more freely and breaking down organisational silos to drive up productivity.”

Our technical expertise

Mobile Device Management. Only better.


Support for all operating systems

Apple or Android. Proprietary or open source. iCloud or Google Workspace. Our mobile device management solutions work across operating systems and platforms.


Dedicated Mobile Managed Service team

Our experience means we can deploy your MDM solution quickly as well as providing ongoing support, including device configuration and activation.  


Direct network troubleshooting

Our dual network service provider status (with O2 and Vodafone) means if you encounter a connectivity problem, we have direct access to fix it.

Impact where it matters. 

43% A remedy for missing mobiles

43% of company-issued smartphones are lost or stolen every year. Our mobile device management tools help you locate and wipe missing devices.

77% Raising awareness of data security

77% of employees haven’t received any instructions on the risks of using their devices at work. We empower them to make informed mobile security decisions.

Implementing your BYOD policy

80% of all BYOD in organisations aren’t adequately managed. MDM gives you a way to implement more controls around the use of personal devices for work.

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