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We take your unique business goals and optimise your Microsoft Teams implementation to deliver the exact performance you need.


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Logging into video conferencing in Microsoft Teams and sharing files over the cloud has become part of our everyday working life. But there’s a lot more potential to extract from Teams than most businesses realise. ARO helps you achieve this higher performance.

It’s the go-to collaboration tool for today’s remote and hybrid workplaces. But do you really know how to use Microsoft Teams effectively? What do you need to do to synchronise Teams with Sharepoint and Outlook? Have you thought about how it might link with your contact centre workstreams? Do your employees understand how to use all the features?

Curating collaboration

From migrating legacy platforms data to setting permissions and security protocols. Configuring integrations with other applications to user provisioning and synchronising accounts. ARO customises how you use Microsoft Teams for unified communication and collaboration and integrates it into your IT infrastructure. And, as a managed service, we continue to monitor your Teams, so it continues to deliver optimal performance for your business.

  • Create a unified digital workspace. By integrating Teams with other Microsoft applications, like Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive, we consolidate communications into a single platform.
  • Training sessions. We provide training sessions and user guides to help employees fully utilise Microsoft Teams’ features.
  • A managed service. ARO provides continuous management, monitoring, and updates to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability as your needs evolve. 
  • Data migration. We manage your migration for a smooth transition of conversations, files, and project-related information. 

There’s so much you can do with Microsoft Teams – instant messaging, voice calling, video conferencing, file sharing. The benefits of using Microsoft Teams for remote work are widely recognised, but not all organisations have the skills inhouse to get the full performance from the platform. ARO brings that expertise.”

Microsoft Teams. Only better.


In Microsoft partner terms, this status places us in in the top 1% worldwide, meaning that ARO consultants have the highest level of training and a strong relationship with Microsoft.


1000s of Teams installations completed

We have 25+ years’ experience with Microsoft and have implemented Teams for thousands of businesses – from large and distributed FTSE 100s to SMEs.


An in-house Voice for Teams service

This allows ARO to connect existing PBX users to Microsoft Phone System directly, without additional on-premises hardware. 

Impact where it matters

Enhancing team collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Providing training and resources leads to faster adoption and allows you to achieve better performance from the platform. 

Microsoft Teams integration

Optimal use of the integration options for Microsoft Teams consolidates systems, so your people can share more and work more productively – wherever they are.

Enhancing team collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Real-time knowledge exchange and communication in Microsoft Teams leads to faster decision-making and more effective project outcomes.

Teams Calling is the ability to make VoIP calls from Teams. This can be done through landlines and mobiles on the PSTN. To take advantage of Teams calling, users must have a phone number, a phone system license and PSTN connectivity.

A Microsoft calling plan is a cloud-based phone service that allows for international and domestic calling. When combined with a phone system, this add-on telephone service becomes the voice solution for your business.

Adding voice to Teams helps businesses unify their communications onto a single platform and allows users to move seamlessly between calls, chats, and meetings. This is much more efficient than introducing and running multiple different systems and also saves businesses both time and money. Having teams calling means basic phone system features, such as call forwarding, transferring, queues, and holding can be supported.

Direct Routing refers to a feature in Unified Communications (UC) platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, that allows organisations to connect their internal telephone system (PBX) with the communication platform.

Adding voice by direct routing gives Teams PBX capabilities. This gives organisations the opportunity to combine meetings, chat, file management, and more with outbound and inbound calling, creating unified communications.

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