Managed Connectivity Services

By proactively managing the quality of your network, ARO mitigates the risk of downtime and gives you the peace of mind of reliable, high-quality connectivity.

Our managed connectivity services mean the performance of your network is in the safe hands of ARO experts. This gives you total confidence that your employees always have uninterrupted access to the digital tools they need to work to their maximum potential.

The rising use of smart devices, cloud-based applications, and other collaborative tools has made robust digital connectivity critical to your workforce productivity. ARO’s managed connectivity solutions for businesses provide network oversight across multiple locations. This ensures consistent uptime and minimises disruptions even for complex and sprawling networks. 

Connectivity that doesn’t stand still

As your operations grow and expand, through our managed service, we ensure your infrastructure evolves to handle additional complexity and new pressures on your network. When you’re adopting advanced technologies, like Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud services, we work with you to review and upgrade your connectivity options.

  • Network management experts. ARO monitor, manage, and optimise networks for clients across diverse, complex, and regulated environments.
  • Quality of Service (QoS). In industries where high-quality network performance is mission critical, we make sure you meet strict QoS requirements. 
  • Proactive issue resolution. We identify and address your network issues before they impact on your operations. 
  • Business continuity. Part of our service is planning for disaster recovery and maintaining operational consistency.

45% of organisations say a lack of qualified personnel is their biggest day-to-day challenge. With our managed connectivity solutions, optimising your network performance becomes our responsibility, freeing up your internal resources for core business activities.”

Our technical expertise

Managed Connectivity. Only better.


A specialist connectivity solutions provider

ARO provides connectivity to over 4,500 companies, including the most demanding verticals like blue light services, banks, and online retailers.  


24-hour local support network

One of the core benefits of managed connectivity services is losing connection becomes one less thing for you to worry about.


Secure connection

As an ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus provider, you can count on us for secure and encrypted connections. 

Impact where it matters

45% Access to connectivity management expertise

45% of organisations reported a lack of qualified personnel as their biggest day-to-day challenge.

76% Protecting your business continuity

76% of surveyed organisations experienced critical data loss, and 45% of those lost their data permanently. 

40% Ensuring regulatory compliance

Nearly two-fifths of organisations list compliance with regulations and standards as their second biggest challenge.

Managed connectivity is the outsourced management and optimisation of an organisation’s network connections and infrastructure. Managed connectivity service providers often bundle hardware, network support, and services agreements into one contract.

Managed connectivity provides several benefits, including enhanced reliability, improved network performance, scalability to accommodate growing business needs, reduced operational costs, and proactive monitoring and support.

Managed connectivity services offered by ARO include a wide range of offerings, such as network design and implementation, monitoring and management of network devices, security measures such as firewalls and encryption, troubleshooting and resolution of network issues, along with ongoing support and maintenance.

Quality of Service (QoS) is the ability of a network to prioritise certain types of traffic over others. Having QoS helps to ensure a consistent level of performance.

Network management involves the administration, monitoring, and optimisation of an organisation’s network infrastructure, such as hardware, data, storage, bandwidth, memory, and processing power. The purpose of network management is to ensure that the network is readily available to users as efficiently and securely as possible.

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