CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service)

By consolidating every customer interaction into a centralised cloud platform, we provide the most cost effective, adaptable, and connected way to run your omnichannel customer service platform.

Website chats, outbound and inbound phone calls, emails, support tickets, text messages – we use cloud-based contact centre software to streamline and consolidate how you deal with customer interactions across multiple channels. This enables your customer queries to be routed and resolved more efficiently.

Today’s customer experiences are shaped from the information agents can access from their desktops and mobile devices. We deploy and maintain cloud-based software to empower contact centres with tools to improve knowledge sharing across channels, so queries can be resolved more effectively and faster.

Customising your CCaaS

We work closely with you to understand call volume, channels, features, and integration needs. We then design a customised CCaaS solution aligned to your goals and communication requirements. And as a managed service, we ensure that your CCaaS platform continually grows and adapts as your business evolves.

  • Remote agent enablement. Our cloud contact centre solution helps businesses to tap into a wider agent talent pool and enables flexible workforce management.
  • Contact centre automation. We explore opportunities to use AI to automate every step of the customer journey, for a faster and friction-free customer experience. 
  • Contact centre management. Features like intelligent routing, IVR automation, contact centre analytics, and reporting, give managers more visibility and control over productivity and performance.
  • Continuous innovation. Cloud-based contact centre technology offers easy access to new features and updates. 

A cloud contact centre enables businesses to deploy remote agents and flexibly manage staffing based on demand. In other words, you can scale your contact centre operations and maintain consistent service levels when you need to accommodate growing call volumes or seasonal demands.”

Our technical expertise

CCaaS. Only better.


Technology partnerships

We use industry-leading contact centre technology when designing CCaaS systems, including Gamma, Wildix and Talkdesk. 


Contact centre outsourcing

Learn about CCaaS services and how they can benefit your business, without having to invest time and cost into hiring and training inhouse expertise.


Rapid deployment

Our experience means we can deploy your CCaaS solution quickly, so you start achieving ROI faster. 

Impact where it matters

Greater agent productivity

Streamlined call routing, IVR automation, and intelligent agent allocation enhance operational efficiency, reducing call handling times and increasing agent productivity. 

A consistently high-quality customer experience

Personalised interactions, shorter wait times, and efficient issue resolution – CCaaS leads to consistent improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Lower operational costs

Compared to managing and maintaining an on-premises contact centre infrastructure, CCaaS is more cost-effective and demands less resource.

A contact center is a centralised hub where customer interactions across various channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media, are managed.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based model that equips companies with the tools and infrastructure needed to establish and manage their contact centers.

CCaaS enhances customer experiences through omnichannel communication, intelligent IVR, CRM integration, and advanced call routing. It also ensures scalability, cost-efficiency, and supports flexible remote working. Advanced analytics such as automated messages, call recording, and agent productivity tracking can highlight issues that need ironing out or even discover areas for improvement. Plus, its integration and collaboration capabilities streamline operations, allowing teams to work more efficiently.

CCaaS is a cloud-based infrastructure used for customer communication that allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need and is commonly operated by a vendor to reduce IT, integration, and support costs. It is an ideal business solution to enhance customer experience.

For businesses wanting to deliver exceptional customer service, CCaaS is extremely important. Features such as intelligent IVR, omnichannel communication, CRM integration, call recording and management, and advanced call routing services all work together within a single platform to provide a bespoke and efficient experience for your customers.

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