AV Meeting Room Solutions

With the ARO managed service, you get consistently impeccable performance from your AV and meeting room collaboration tools.

Your employees expect swift and seamless conference room AV set up and for meeting room technology to work without a hitch. We give you confidence that your AV is fully serviced and optimised, so your meetings can start promptly and run smoothly.

When you rely on video conferencing in meeting rooms to connect with colleagues and customers, any technical issues are disruptive and ultimately lead to underuse of these facilities. ARO not only designs AV solutions for meeting rooms, we also provide ongoing management of meeting room audio-visual equipment, creating collaborative spaces for our clients that deliver consistently high performance.

Supporting advanced AV systems

Video conferencing systems, smart displays, video walls, cameras, microphones, speakers, interactive whiteboards – meeting rooms today combine technology and AV solutions from multiple vendors. This makes them complex spaces to manage. When businesses don’t have the expertise and resource inhouse to look after meeting room AV, ARO experts step in to take over the role.

  • Optimising meeting room AV.  From sourcing the best equipment for a room’s layout and purpose, to integrating multiple AV systems, we proactively manage your meeting room technology to amplify its impact.
  • Broad spectrum support. From large displays, video walls and digital signage for meeting rooms, to high quality cameras and microphones to elevate the quality of your video conferencing – ARO supports every kind of technology you need in a meeting toom.
  • Multi-functional spaces. With a well-maintained and equipped meeting room, you gain a collaborative space that evolves to support multiple purposes – for example, training sessions, workshops, and educational events, as well as meetings and presentations.

Today, when you book a meeting room with AV capabilities, you expect the technology to work seamlessly. ARO not only helps you find AV equipment for meeting rooms and conferences, we also make sure it delivers the best performance on an ongoing basis.”

Our technical expertise

Meeting Room AV. Only better.


High performance AV integration in meeting spaces

Microsoft Teams, Exatron, Jabra, Sony, Barco, Logitech – we work with best in breed partners to ensure your meeting room AV is as easy to use as possible.


Scalable and future-proof systems

We make sure your systems are easy to scale, so when the time is right, you can expand technology to additional rooms.


24-hour access to our online portal

Use the ARO online portal to raise support tickets, make changes to existing services, check your latest bill, and review support. 

Impact where it matters

Easier sharing of ideas and information

In well-equipped meeting rooms, collaboration is easier and more efficient, which contributes to increasing team productivity. 

Better business outcomes

Impressive presentations, interactive discussions, and seamless virtual meetings lead to better client relationships and increased business opportunities. 

Optimised resource

ARO manages the complexities of supporting AV and other technology solutions, so you can focus on more strategic priorities.

The choice of AV technology for meeting rooms depends on specific needs. ARO collaborates with leading AV vendors to offer solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Common options include interactive displays, high-quality audio systems, and video conferencing solutions from reputable providers like Cisco, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

To optimise meeting room AV, firstly audio and video equipment must be compatible and properly calibrated, user-friendly interfaces implemented, and adequate training for users provided. ARO helps businesses optimise meeting room AV by choosing the right technology, configuring systems, and offering ongoing support for seamless functionality.

A huddle room, or huddle space, is a small, informal meeting area designed for quick and collaborative discussions among small groups. These spaces usually feature AV technology such as video conferencing systems, making them suitable for impromptu meetings and collaborative sessions.

A virtual meeting room is a digital space that allows online collaboration and communication among geographically dispersed individuals. ARO recognises the importance of virtual meeting rooms in the modern business landscape, providing solutions that include video conferencing platforms, virtual collaboration tools, and AV technologies to enhance remote collaboration and communication.

ARO collaborates with a diverse range of AV vendors to provide clients with tailored solutions. Some of the vendors ARO works with include Sony, Samsung, Logitech, Jabra, QSC, Sennheisser, Kramer, Poly, and other industry leaders in AV technology. By partnering with reputable vendors, ARO ensures clients have access to cutting-edge AV solutions for their meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

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