ARO’s accredited security experts are experienced in the delivery of customised backup strategies, comprehensive data protection, and responsive recovery support using Veeam technology, giving you confidence in your data security and business continuity posture. 

Securing your most valuable assets

Veeam offers robust data protection and rapid recovery solutions including ransomware protection, cloud backup and storage management, ensuring that your critical data is safeguarded, recoverable, and available. Veeam’s data security, backup and disaster recovery solutions protect your business with reliable data security and faster recovery times to ensure that the business is resilient and suffers minimal disruption and downtime in the event of disaster or data loss.

Backup and recovery experts

ARO’s security experts have worked in partnership with Veeam for over ten years. We’ll assess your data backup and recovery needs and design tailored solutions with Veeam backup & replication software, based on the way you work and your unique security and data protection requirements. We will then develop data replication and backup policies and implement a security architecture with embedded monitoring and analytics, as well as provide ongoing support to ensure data integrity and high availability. 

Combined with ARO’s expertise in delivering robust data protection and rapid recovery solutions, Veeam software ensures your critical data is safeguarded, recoverable, and available, supporting your security, compliance and resilience goals with minimal disruption to daily operations.

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