ARO’s cyber security experts use Trillion’s dark web monitoring technology to identify data leaks and credential breaches, so you can respond proactively before your valuable digital assets fall into the wrong hands.

Dark web detectives

Whether you know about it or not, there’s a 90% chance that your organisation has had at least one credential stolen and put up for sale on the dark web. Data breaches are expensive and disruptive. Insurance and compliance are just expensive.

Trillion is the breached account mining platform that continuously tracks and analyses billions of stolen usernames and passwords on dark web markets and criminal forums, hunting for digital identities that could belong to your customers. Features include password leak warnings, complete sensitive data management, high risk account prioritisation, daily emailed threat summary and interactive employee portal, making it harder for criminals to compromise your systems and faster to respond effectively if they do.

Cyber protection experts

ARO’s cyber security experts work closely with the team behind Trillion’s technology to deliver a fully managed service, providing regular health checks and reports to keep track of security performance and potential cyber threats.

We guide you to your ideal security posture from initial consultation, gap analysis, framework setting, ongoing automated reporting, assistance with policy setting and handling incidents as they arise to keep your systems operating at full capacity. 

The sooner you know you’ve been hacked, the quicker you can do something about it, and the less damage you’re likely to suffer. With Trillion, ARO’s expert cyber security teams patrol the markets and chat rooms of the dark web, finding the stolen data and credentials that belong to you before they can be used against you.

Trillion provides cybersecurity services focused on threat detection, monitoring, and response. Their services include network monitoring, security analytics, threat intelligence, incident response, and breach detection solutions.

Trillion’s monitoring technology continuously analyses network traffic, system logs, and user activities to detect suspicious behaviour and potential security threats. It uses advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, and behavioural analysis techniques to identify anomalous activities, unauthorised access attempts, ad data exfiltration.

Trillion uses a combination of network security controls, endpoint protection solutions, encryption technologies, and access management policies to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data and mitigate the impact of security incidents. Additionally, Trillion offers breach detection and response services to help organisations detect, investigate, and remediate security breaches in real-time.

HoneyCreds are deceptive credentials or fake login credentials designed to lure attackers and capture their activities during unauthorised access attempts.

HoneyCreds work by mimicking legitimate user credentials or login credentials for common services, such as email accounts, web applications, and network devices. When attackers attempt to use HoneyCreds to gain unauthorised access to systems or applications, the deception technology captures detailed information about the attacker’s activities, including IP addresses, login attempts, command execution, and reconnaissance activities. This information helps security teams identify and analyse cyber threats, understand attacker tactics, and strengthen security defenses against future attacks.

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