Sentinel One

ARO’s cybersecurity experts deploy Sentinel One’s endpoint protection platform to identify, anticipate and face down data breaches and cyberattacks, minimising risk and promoting secure and resilient business operations. 

A necessary evil

Cyber crime is everyone’s business. The costs of data breaches and malware attacks keep mounting as more and more business moves online, bad actors deploy ever more sophisticated techniques and policymakers frame increasingly stringent regulations around privacy and data protection. There’s no shortage of vendors offering solutions, but finding the best for your business, and staying on top of developments in a rapidly changing landscape, is an unwelcome distraction. So let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

It’s our business to be constantly on the lookout for new threats and solutions in the cyber security market. We partner with Sentinel One because they’ve proven over time to provide robust endpoint security, advanced threat detection, ransomware protection, real-time incidence response capabilities, and proactive defence against cyber attack.

Partners in cybercrime prevention

We have deep expertise in deploying and optimising Sentinel One’s cutting-edge endpoint protection solutions, delivering highly customised configurations tailored to each customer’s specific security needs.

Leveraging the latest generation of Sentinel One’s AI-driven security and autonomous protection solutions, we set up ongoing real-time monitoring of your networks for early threat detection and responsive support. This comprehensive approach to endpoint security adapts with the changing threat landscape to ensure you’re always evolving your defences against emerging threats. 

ARO and Sentinel One provide proactive defence against a wide range of cyber threats, including sophisticated and rapidly evolving attacks. This proactive approach makes you less vulnerable to attack, and more able to react swiftly and effectively in the event of a breach to minimise the potential for business disruption, financial loss and reputational damage. 

SentinelOne is a cybersecurity software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to defend against cyber threats.

SentinelOne is used for endpoint protection, detection, and response. It protects endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices, from a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

SentinelOne provides real-time detection and automated response capabilities. Behavioural analysis and AI algorithms are used to identify ransomware behaviour patterns and block malicious activities before they can encrypt files or damage systems. In the event of a ransomware attack, SentinelOne can isolate the infected endpoint, roll back changes, and restore encrypted files from backup.

SentinelOne’s behavioral-based detection techniques can identify and block fileless ransomware behaviour patterns, protecting endpoints against such attacks.

SentinelOne uses AI-driven threat detection and prevention techniques, including behaviour analysis, machine learning, and predictive modelling, to identify and block unknown and previously unseen threats in real-time. Additionally, SentinelOne’s platform continuously monitors endpoint activity and applies behavioural analysis to detect suspicious behaviour indicative of zero-day attacks or APTs. This allows organisations to respond quickly and mitigate risks.

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