Identify and remediate cyber threats faster with Infoblox DNS security solutions, customised for your network by ARO experts.

A deeper level of cloud security

By optimising Infoblox technology for your business, we help you to address blind spots in your security defences at DNS-level. This allows you to intercept threats earlier and reduce incident response times with carefully targeted automations.


Multi-dimensional security solutions

We design and deploy Infoblox security solutions to reinforce the stability and availability of your network. This can include proactively blocking malicious domains and IP addresses, applying a DNS firewall to minimise downtime, and customising anomaly detection and automated responses to minimise the impact of threats.

Using Infoblox technology we’ve supported both Cardiff University and Heriot Watt University to enhance their network security posture by allowing them to manage, control and optimise DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) more effectively and efficiently.

Infoblox provides network infrastructure automation and security solutions, focusing on DNS, DHCP, IP address management (IPAM), and cybersecurity services.

Infoblox DNS security uses DNS data to detect and block malicious activities at the network level. It correlates DNS query data with threat intelligence feeds, behavioural analysis, and machine learning algorithms to identify anomalous behaviour indicative of cyber threats. This proactive approach enables organisations to detect and mitigate threats in real-time.

Infoblox provides centralised visibility and control over cloud-based DNS infrastructure and advanced threat detection capabilities, such as DNS-based security analytics, threat intelligence integration, and automated threat response.

Infoblox provides comprehensive visibility, control, and protection over DNS traffic using DNS data to detect and block threats, that may evade traditional security measures. By analysing DNS queries, responses, and anomalies in real-time, Infoblox identifies malicious activities and enforces security policies to prevent unauthorised access and protect sensitive data.

Infoblox enhances network security posture by providing centralised visibility into network traffic, devices, and applications. Infoblox also enables organisations to enforce security policies at the DNS layer, blocking malicious activities, preventing data breaches, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. It also automates threat response and integrates with third party security platforms.

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