Future-proof your email from ever-evolving security threats, by harnessing ARO’s Egress expertise to add a more proactive layer to your data security and threat detection.

Create a more secure email environment

Whether it’s blocking a hacker trying to maliciously exfiltrate sensitive data or using email encryption to prevent accidental data leaks. With Egress, we give your business a vital safety net against the damage inflicted by data loss and email security breaches. 

Prevent accidental and malicious data loss over email

Email is the most common entry point hackers use to target organisations. ARO strengthens your email defences by using Egress data loss prevention software (DLP) to predict and deflect a whole range of threats – from impersonation attempts and data exfiltration, to phishing attacks and ransomware.

Our involvement spans initial consultation to system design, ongoing automated reporting to assistance with handling incidents. As your security partner, ARO works with you to achieve and maintain the optimal Egress-enabled security posture for your business.

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