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ARO is an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner with proven AI experience. We’ll empower your teams to grow your online presence and support marketing goals with professional-grade web pages for lead generation, customer self-service pages and more – so you can get to market faster for less.

No-code website development

Power Pages empowers non-technical users to build low-code, scalable, and secure business-centric websites, with pre-built templates, tools to govern security and compliance, and data integration with robust analytics to drive data-driven decision making. Users can quickly and securely go live with sites, with customisation to meet a wide range of business objectives, such as:

  • Customer self-services. Develop websites that deliver 24/7 support for services like warranty registration, support enquiries, and appointments.
  • Partner operations. Support partners by creating portals for supplier onboarding, sustainability tracking, collaboration and supplier support.

For deeper functionality, Power Pages offers the ability to add pro-tools for developers, such as Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Azure DevOps, and the ability to craft high-quality services for customers by combining Power Pages with additional Microsoft Power Platform offerings. All managed through one convenient dashboard to meet the most demanding security and compliance requirements. 

Expertise on demand

ARO’s Highly skilled and qualified architects are accredited in five of the six Microsoft Solutions Partner designations, and we invest constantly in maintaining and updating their skills in the latest technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem.

We can support users every step of the way by assessing needs, designing tailored cloud-based solutions, developing secure websites and applications, and ensuring ongoing support, content management, performance monitoring, and compliance. 

Get new products and services to market faster for less by empowering users throughout the business with tools to build professional websites quickly and easily. Securely store and manage data and craft high-quality, scalable and compliant solutions for customers without the need for development support.

Power Pages are customisable web pages created using Microsoft Power Apps, allowing users to design and deploy interactive web experiences without extensive coding knowledge. They enable the creation of dynamic, data-driven pages for internal or external use within organisations.

Power Pages are focused on creating custom web experiences using Power Apps, whereas SharePoint is a collaboration platform mainly used for document management, content sharing, and team collaboration.

Power Pages are not included as a standalone feature in Office 365. However, they can be created and deployed within SharePoint Online using Power Apps, which is included in some Office 365 subscriptions.

Power Pages are designed for creating custom web pages within SharePoint Online for internal or external use, focusing on interactive web experiences. Power Portal, on the other hand, is specifically designed for creating external-facing web portals for customers, partners, and suppliers, enabling organisations to extend their digital presence and engage with external stakeholders effectively.

Access to Power Pages within SharePoint Online can be configured based on permissions and security settings defined by the organisation’s administrators. Typically, users with appropriate permissions can access and interact with Power Pages within SharePoint sites, either internally within the organisation or externally if access is granted to external users.

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