Power BI

ARO’s expert Power Platform BI team have the technical skill and commercial experience to turn your raw data into real-time insights, improving efficiency and giving you a competitive edge in a data-driven world.

Intelligent business

Power BI is Microsoft’s end-to-end Business Intelligence platform, designed to streamline data processes and give decision makers access to a single source of truth, along with a suite of reporting and analysis tools to turn raw data into actionable insight.

Power BI extracts data at scale from a wide range of data sources, including databases, business systems, cloud services and APIs. These are packaged into dashboards, reports and interactive analytical models based on your business requirements, enabling quicker, better informed decision making, leading to more effective strategies.

BI expertise on demand

ARO’s expertise in data integration, information design and data analytics is backed by our team of highly qualified architects, who are continually updating their knowledge and skills in the latest Microsoft technologies. 

We currently support over 52,000 users on Power Platform services, and provide design and implementation of Power BI, with ongoing support and maintenance, to a number of global enterprises, enabling them to extract actionable insights from their data. 

ARO’s experienced technical and business teams leverage Power BI to help you make better decisions, faster, using interactive data visualisations, data modelling and analytical tools to turn data into insight to drive business improvement.

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