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ARO is an accredited solutions partner with foundational experience in delivering Microsoft’s AI offer. We’ll help you to harness the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, empowering non-technical users throughout the business to build the apps they need – exactly how they need them – to work more productively.

Developer tools for non-developers

Imagine if you could simply describe the app you wanted to build, and AI designed it for you. With Copilot, it’s a reality. You can build an app, including the data behind it, just by describing what you need. AI Copilot uses natural language processing to support AI-assisted coding within an integrated development environment.

With its ability to learn from user behaviours, adapt to their needs, and offer real-time insights and contextually relevant suggestions, AI Copilot provides constant guidance, code suggestions and improvements to achieve automation and workflow efficiency. By automating and optimising business processes, users can work more efficiently and cost-effectively, with data analytics informing decision making to drive better outcomes. 

Realising the AI opportunity

ARO has been helping customers to ride the wave of digital innovation for over 25 years, and today we’re at the forefront of AI-powered software development. We work with you to understand how AI Coplot can complement your current business processes by assessing your needs, developing AI models, integrating them into systems, ensuring security, and providing ongoing support and technical updates.

ARO’s Highly skilled and qualified architects are accredited in five of the six Microsoft Solutions Partner designations, and we invest constantly in maintaining and updating their skills in the latest technologies.

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AI is not the future, it’s the present. And with AI Copilot, ARO is already enabling businesses to break out of the constraints of limited development resources by empowering end users to solve their own business problems by building key software and applications tailored to their needs.   

AI Copilot is an AI-powered feature with a conversational interface and LLMs (large language models).

By using LLMs, AI Copilots possess the ability to understand, process, and analyse large amounts of data. It assists users in various tasks and decision-making processes across multiple domains within an enterprise environment.

AI Copilot is not a standalone feature within Office 365. However, you can access it separately as a powerful AI companion. It is designed to enhance productivity and creativity across Microsoft’s productivity applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The benefits of using AI Copilot includes automating repetitive tasks, offering intelligent suggestions, facilitating efficient knowledge sharing, enabling data-driven decision-making, and faster iteration.

AI copilots are made up of two essential components: artificial intelligence and integrations across systems. AI algorithms applied in natural language processing, context understanding, and machine learning enable copilots to predict user needs and provide informed suggestions. Through integrations, AI copilots can interact with a vast range of systems, creating a unified, interconnected platform for seamless communication and task management.

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