Safeguard your networks, data, and applications from an ever-widening range of cyber threats with a Fortinet networking solution delivered with ARO expertise.

Optimise your cloud security

With ARO leading your Fortinet delivery, you gain a solid security footing for your ever-growing catalogue of cloud services. This includes advanced threat detection, extensive scalability, robust protection, and reliable connectivity for your business. This is particularly powerful for organisations operating diverse environments where constant connectivity is mission critical. 

A robust network security solution for expanding cloud services

ARO handles all the technical details of your Fortinet implementation and management, ensuring your technology is always up to date and optimised to keep your network secure. And as the data load on your network expands, we make sure Fortinet adapts to maintain a secure and reliable gateway to your cloud apps and business critical resources.

ARO’s Fortinet service is infused with the experience of supporting clients across public and private sectors with their mission-critical IT infrastructure. This includes 30+ major blue light, health, and local government organisations.

Fortinet’s Secure Networking converges networking technologies with AI-powered security across all edges to close security gaps and help organisations achieve better user experience.

Fortinet’s Secure Networking approach combines SD-WAN, next-generation firewall (NGFW), and advanced routing to deliver a fast, scalable, and flexible Secure SD-WAN for cloud-first, security-sensitive, and global enterprises.

Fortinet’s Secure Connectivity simplifies network security by eliminating the need for elaborate and expensive licensing schemes. This means organisations can secure their Ethernet switches and wireless LAN without dealing with complex licensing arrangements, reducing costs and administrative overhead.

Secure Connectivity equipment from Fortinet is designed to merge networking and security functions into a cohesive and easily manageable architecture. It provides a centralised point for managing and configuring both Ethernet switches and wireless LAN.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) enforcement ensures explicit application access within a network security solution. FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) stands out as the sole industry solution integrating ZTNA enforcement capabilities, enabling precise control over application access.

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