Aruba Networking

Get peak performance from your network and wireless connectivity, with Aruba solutions, customised for your company by a HPE Aruba Gold Partner.

High performance networking solutions

We take cutting-edge technology from Aruba, and expertly craft networking solutions to deliver uncompromising wireless connectivity, seamless mobility, efficient network management, and enhanced user experiences. 

Next level network management

From configuring wireless access points in Aruba Clearpass to activating the AI and ML capabilities available in Aruba Central. ARO network engineers combine product knowledge with real-world experience to shape your suite of Aruba services to deliver a robust and efficient network infrastructure.

ARO’s Aruba-powered network designs are driven by the experience of supporting organisations with demanding data loads and highly dispersed user communities. This includes large university networks of 50,000+ users, spanning 300 sites. 

Aruba provides a range of networking products and solutions focused on wireless LAN, edge access networking, security, location services, and analytics. Some of the key products and solutions offered by Aruba include Aruba Clearpass, Aruba Central, and Network Access Control (NAC) solutions.

Aruba Networking offers several Network Access Control (NAC) solutions aimed at securing access to network resources and enforcing security policies. These solutions include ClearPass Policy Manager, ClearPass OnGuard, and ClearPass Onboard, which provide authentication, authorisation, and enforcement capabilities for managing device access to the network.

Aruba ClearPass is a comprehensive Network Access Control (NAC) and policy management solution provided by Aruba. It helps organisations secure their networks, streamline access management, and ensure compliance with security policies and regulations.

Aruba Central is a cloud-based network management and monitoring platform offered by Aruba. It provides centralised management and visibility for Aruba networking devices, including wireless access points, switches, routers, and controllers.

With Aruba Central, organisations can deploy, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot their network infrastructure from a single intuitive dashboard, simplifying network management and operations. Having a single dashboard also provides centralised visibility, control, and automation capabilities across the entire network infrastructure.

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