Networking Technology

When the demands on your network are constantly growing, we make sure the connectivity underpinning your operations is fast, reliable, and secure.

We replace your ageing server and overburdened VPN with high-performing cloud networking technology. This creates a secure and reliable gateway to your collaboration apps, business critical applications, essential files, and company resources – wherever your employees are working, all of the time.

Countless connections to Microsoft 365. Numerous simultaneous logins into Teams. Employees sharing documents over SharePoint. A constant stream of instant messages. We make sure your network topology and back-end resource are robust enough to support the needs of cloud-based applications and the increasing data load they generate.

Robust network foundations

Routers, switches, high-speed cable – by getting the network foundations right, you gain the bandwidth to keep up with the incessant data traffic generated by cloud computing. And with uninterrupted access to the cloud tools they need, your people work more efficiently, wherever they are.

  • State-of-the-art network technology. We work with leading vendors, including Aruba, Extreme Networks, Dell and SonicWall.
  • Personalised network configuration. We tailor our technology selection to finetune your environment to deliver optimal performance and user experience.
  • More convenient connectivity. With our wireless network management solutions, you gain seamless mobility, remote network management, and enhanced user experiences.
  • Advanced network security. From robust cybersecurity and firewall protection to threat prevention, QoS (quality of service), and remote internet access. 

When your network connectivity is constantly playing catch up, your productivity is compromised. With ARO network management, you gain seamless, fast, and reliable data access and exchange – a solid footing for your ever-growing catalogue of cloud services.”

Networking. Only better.


Vendor Partnerships and certification

We work with Aruba, Extreme Networks, SonicWall, and Dell. ARO is one of only two SonicWall Platinum Partners in the UK. 


Qualified experts

Regular certification exams extend our team’s product knowledge and keep us at the forefront of emerging wireless protocols and security trends.


Experience with large, complex networks

Our client portfolio includes networking for universities with 50,000+ users, across 300 sites. 

Impact where it matters

More bandwidth for innovation

Our networking solutions allow you to keep pace with the cloudification of your workplace, so you can adopt digital processes faster.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Seamless data traffic flow and responsive troubleshooting safeguard your business against productivity bottlenecks.

Improved collaboration

Access to cloud-based applications improves communication, breaking down organisational silos and connecting hybrid workers.

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